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hi lovebirds! how are you? we're finally back home! the beach was fantastic and allowed for much rest, relaxation & sunshine. though vacations are always fun, much appreciated and needed, i have to say- i was glad to be back in my own bed, ahhhhhh.

today, i want you to officially meet my husband, david and our pup, toaster! just so happens, yesterday was our 2 year anniversary, as well as toaster's 2nd birthday! yes, he was born on the day we got married!! so i hope you enjoy some pictures of our life together.

happy anniversary sweetheart!

{photo: altmix photography}

our mountain wedding on may 16, 2008!

{photo: altmix photography}

sometimes we hike..

and sometimes we bike.

this is the morning after he proposed, fall of 2007.  we were on a north carolina beach under the stars when he popped the question. :)

he's quite the fly fisherman..

and he's pretty good at it!

he's also, quite the goofball. the laughing never ceases in our household, and how lucky i am to have a husband who always keeps me laughing!

he's also a cyclist.

which is how we get to go on so many road trips!  weekends are consumed with bike races, book readings and travel bags.

and, he's very good (if i do say so myself!).  that's him, winning the patriot’s trail road race in rock hill (his 2nd win in 2 days!).

but most of all, he's my most favorite person in the world!  thank you for being the sweetest, most kind and hilarious person i know.  i love you!

last but not least,

happy birthday toaster!

toaster's alert, kind and ever so gentle.

how could you say no to that face?

he loves to sleep..

and curl his paw around his nose.

he loves to jump and play..

and especially fetch!

he's pretty much the coolest dog we've ever met!  happy birthday sweet boy!


  • so cute – aww, happy anniversary! =)

  • My hubby and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend too – Saturday for us – had a wonderful dinner at a lovely little river-front restaurant called Vinifera.

    So enjoyed your photos – you look quite happy together :)

    • aw, thank you girls!!

      happy anniversary jes!! yum- that restaurant sounds DElish. :)

  • What a sweet post! Those pics are so fun! Love your pup!!!

  • I’ve seen a lot of pups in my day, but never a pup quite that cute. He could honestly win awards, I think!

  • what a wonderful post, bonnie! so nice to meet your husband and pupparooni. they’re both very handsome. :)

  • Beautiful family!!! You all are shining with happiness. Gorgeous photos of three gorgeous souls! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Toaster!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Toaster is the best name for a dog ever. It beats Alan. I once knew a dog called Alan. He wore a tie.

    • you all are the beautiful people, y’all are so sweet! @brianna lol, i’ll enter him if you find a contest! ;)

  • What a sweet little family you have! Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to Toaster :)

  • this is the sweetest post…

    not to mention you have a dog named TOASTER! cracking me up :)

  • lovely post! you are so blessed with such cute doggie (and husband!)

  • congrats to yoU!! and toaster is so stinkin cute! i love the name too :)

  • you guys are both beautiful! congrats on the two years and wishes for many more to come with a growing family! happy bday to Toaster as well, he is a cutie!!!

  • This is so sweet. Congratulations!

  • As David’s aunt I have to say the “finger mustache” is my favorite. He IS a nut. Great posting. Very sweet and all true. Love, Bonnie White (the other Bonnie)

  • Your website’s lovely :) What breed is Toaster? He’s the cutest!

    • hi rosie! he’s a golden retriever! we shave him in the summer though, so he looks a little scruffy. ;)

  • Hello Bonnie, I just wanted to say that I love your site and your photos ! I have a Golden Retriever also and they are the most awesome dog that I know. Have a great day !

  • What a beautiful life you live Bonnie! Your home is a dream. I’ve been spending the last hour looking through your blog and am in love!

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