10 ways to keep your creative spaces inspiring

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as crafsters, we need to make sure to support and encourage our creative side as much as possible.  walking into a space that doesn't inspire you can be a real buzz kill, so today, we'll talk about 10 things you can do to keep your creative spaces inspirational.

inspiring creative spaces

{inspiration wall in my sewing room}

1) surround yourself with beautiful things.  whether it's artwork, colorful patterns or previous projects, make sure your space is a reflection of yourself and that you get inspired by the things you see when you enter the room.  ever evolving inspiration boards, clip boards or wire picture holders are a great way to keep beauty around you.

inspiring creative spaces

{my sewing room}

2) lighten up. natural day light is invigorating and clear, where as yellow house bulbs can be a little suppressing.  either way, make sure you have plenty of light for your projects, as straining your eyes can be exhausting.  using lamps with clear bulbs can be a savior when it comes to detailed work.

3) keep a well stocked craft room. whether it's scissors, glue, yarn or thread- make sure to have plenty of whatever you find you need the most.  having to run to the store mid-project can totally disrupt your creative process.

inspiring creative spaces

{my sewing table feb 09}

4) keep your space organized. it's amazing how much more quickly you can accomplish tasks when you know exactly where everything is. take note of the positioning as well,  if you find yourself always having to get up to cross the room for a pair of scissors, move them (that sounds silly, but i just realized i was doing this a few weeks ago)!

5) be comfortable. if you're sitting make sure to have a supportive, comfortable chair with a table at the appropriate height.  if you're standing, make sure you have supportive shoes on and you're not hunching over to work.  keep the temperature where you like it and pull your hair back if it's in your way. heck- stay in your pj's if you like!

inspiring creative spaces

{sewing room}

6) keep it tidy.  easier said than done, right?  this is a new one that i've been really trying to stick to.  it's so overwhelming to feel inspired to create, and then enter a mess (okay, a disaster) of a sewing room.  clean up after every single project, and you're space will be clean and inviting the next time you get ready to craft.

inspiring creative spaces

{moving and cleaning}

7) minimize distractions. take the phone off the hook, ask your mister to watch the kids, lock the door or do whatever you need to be able to focus.  if you find yourself stopping everything to watch the tv or check twitter, consider turning off those distractions as well.  time wasters are addicting, consuming and definitely not productive.

8) remove anything you find bothersome. is it something in your room? a piece of art? the way you have to walk around the ironing board to get to the cutting table? whatever you find annoying, remove it or rethink it.

inspiring creative spaces

{sewing nook complete}

9) jam out. jazz, hip hop, oldies- if it get's your hips swinging and your mind focused, turn it on and jam out.

10) stop before you get overwhelmed.  open a window and let a fresh breeze hit your face or turn a pot of tea on.  make sure to take care of yourself and do a few things that you know will keep you refreshed, focused and on task.

bonnie's sewing room

bonnie's sewing room

i took these photos of my sewing room this morning.  i really am keeping it clean, see?! :)  i think i have finally gotten it well stocked, organized and planned out- and because of that, i have been more productive than ever.

how do you keep your space inspiring?


  • Great post! Love all the photos.

  • This is so great and such a timely reminder for me. I love your pictures and the way you have designed and organized your studio. Thanks!

  • Oh, I love this post and all the pics…very inspiring. It’s very hard to keep my space clean and it seems all I do is clean it. Great advise. Have a good day.

  • Great pictures and as always, very useful tips! thanks, Bonnie! although I don’t have a sewing room (not the sewing kind of person haha), but this tips may help me in future, in case I decide to sew :)

  • i am up for adoption….i craft quietly and am not too big…will find a tiny spot in that fantastic room and cause no trouble…..

    • hi sharon! haha, you can come make your home in my little room anytime!! lol

  • Wow! That is one impressive crafting room! It looks beautiful and inspirational. Makes me want to paint my walls…

  • Lovely sewing space that you’ve created for yourself. These are great tips to keep on hand. I think inspiration and organization are so important for creative people. In my home office/writing room, I have an inspiration board for rotating images, etc. but I was also careful to choose lots of artwork that speaks to me and inspires me in some way. Also, I love color so I also included lots and lots of it in my writing room!

  • Love this post Bonnie. I’ve been feeling a little “less” than inspired in my sewing room lately. Just wanting to spif it up. These are all really great ideas. Thanks!

  • Love this post! Very helpful tip and beautiful pictures. I agree that a well lit and colorful room can help keep your creative side going. Photos are another great way to get your imagination going!

  • I LOVEEEE these creative spaces!!! i always feel so inspired looking at pretty + organized studio spaces. gets me thinking about making mine better every time :)

  • What a wonderful article. Thanks so much for including my sewing room pictures in it. And I love the way you organized your fabrics.

  • Loved this post and looking at all of the photos. I am finally starting to unpack after having my scrapbooking supplies in boxes for a few months while we re-arranged the house! I can’t wait to get back to crafting! :-) Thanks for the inspiration for my creative space!

  • Great to see such inspirational photos. And your tips are so good. The better organized I keep my space, the more dresses I can produce. I don’t waste time looking for this or that. Of course when I have a deadline the neatness suffers, but if your space makes sense for you it is easy to restore it to order. Good crafting, everyone!

  • These are beautiful workspaces. I can’t wait until I have my own dedicated office/work room!

  • Now I understand why I have the habit of dragging my crafting stuff into the living room. And now I know what I need to do about it. Excellent post – thanks.

  • Thank you for the great advice, pictures, and overall blog… Your work space is absolutely adorable, functional, and inviting!

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