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I was looking through the GHTR flicker stream a few days ago and was stopped in my tracks by airdrome's gorgeous backyard.

I love her use of succulents and am so covetous of the Angel Trumpet (Brugmasia)!  I have long desired a succulent garden - not only are they wonderfully low maintenance, they are wonderful for the environment as well.  Succulents need very little human input to thrive - just the right sun and soil conditions. Usually those tough, sandy soiled and sunny areas of a garden are perfect for a succulent garden.

They also work wonderfully well in containers.

Blue Succulent from Moosey's Country Garden

Wild Ginger Farm in Oregon has some lovely examples and instructions for creating different succulent/rock gardens - including a lovely parking strip garden they planted using a pocket planting method.  From their site:

Pocket planting is used when you are unable to rework the soil in an entire area.  Instead, a hole is dug and additional soil is worked in along with the plant.

Different gardening zones require different plants, but I know there are a great number of beautiful sedum and succulents that will thrive in your garden.

photo by davitydave

Succulent Resources:

Cactus and Succulent Society of America

And of course - Flora Grubb who created iconic succulent based vertical gardens.

I adore the vertical gardens, but am absolutely smitten with Susie Nadler's work for The Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb. Love. Love. Love. Her combination of texture and color is superb. I look at her bouquets and see the garden the flowers came from.  What a fun design project that would be - to create a garden design based on one of these bouquets...which one would you pick??!!

You can see more of Susie's work on her Flicker is a lovely source of inspiration!

Much love to you all - next week the list of Fall garden chores is coming your way.  Let me know if you have any specific plant questions and I'll be sure to address them!


  • I love these! I live in a cold part of Canada and I have had wonderful luck with hens n chicks – you can get so many different varieties of these too. I actually had a plant that got mostly destroyed during a big outdoor building project, so I just snapped off a few of the good looking “chicks”, stuck them in the ground, and they are thriving and multiplying.

    Succulents are also beautiful in shallow bowls with lots of drainage – you can buy cheap and pretty dishes and drill holes in the bottom to make lovely table center pieces for indoors or outdoors.

    Succulents and orchids are actually the easiest house plants that I’ve found to take care of in my climate. I have an aloe plant that has lived through literally everything (neglect, an insect infestation that killed all of my other plants, various harsh re-pottings). I cannot say enough good things about succulents!

  • when we had our landscaping done a few years ago the landscaper did some pocket planting and I have copied that practice a few times now…didn’t know it had a name! :)

  • the second bouquet in the white vase is gorgeous. all of them are really..

  • love these succulents gardens and ideas!! can’t get enough of them! thanks!

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