recipe :: curry tofu and radish chips

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curry tofu and radish chips recipe

curry tofu & radish chips

hi lovelies!  i made this yummy dish of curried tofu and radish chips last night!  after the mister approved it and confirmed my success by satisfactory 'mmmmms' i decided i should share it with you!

here's the recipe!

p.s. if you're not the tofu-eating kinda a family, you could easily substitute chicken or any other kind of protein.  also, the same technique for the radish chips works wonders with regular potatoes or sweet potatoes!


  • hej bonnie,
    hmmm…i begin to be very hungry when i saw your delicious recipe…i´m ines from frauheuberg…also a student from the BYW-course…jump to your blog…and like it very much…;)…so fine to meet you… see in class…;)…



    • hi ines! oh it’s so nice to meet you as well! frauheuberg is simply delightful. :) see you in class!

  • Mmm… radish chips look like my kind of snack!

    Thanks for sharing this idea.

    Have a great day,

  • ooh! bonnie, we are the tofu kind of eating family – much to my hubby’s shagrin – and that looks amazing. but my hubby & i are HUGE radish fans – can’t wait to try those chips!

    • yay tara! let me know how it all turns out! what other radish recipes do you like? i’m a new found lover!

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