frozen berry ice cubes

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frozen berry ice cubes

oh how i love simple things that can make an ordinary occasion feel extra special.  serving these frozen berry ice cubes at a summer get together could give your drinks that added touch of thoughtfulness. or maybe you could just use them in your own afternoon drink, to make your 'me time' a little more special!

frozen berry ice cubes

they're so easy to make, just drop your favorite berry into the water of an ice cube tray and place in the freezer for at least 8 hours.  they'll melt in your drink and give you a yummy surprise by the time they've melted.

coffee ice cubes

since the weather has turned so hot, i've also been drinking lots of iced coffee.  make these coffee cubes ahead of time and as they melt, they won't water down your coffee!

see you monday! bonnie xo :) {photos : bonnie forkner}

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  • The ice cubes are great! I really need to get myself a good ice tray.Did you see this tray on Swiss Miss?! It would be perfect.

  • Perfect timing! I have a container of strawberries in the fridge that are just about to turn. And Amanda-Love the Swiss Miss tray!

  • Oh! I have to do that the mintue we get the new house – it would be so posh looking at our house warming. Well I’d do that at the start, but we’re Irish, we like to drink, no one would care after that ;)

  • How funnnnnnn! In Panama is always hot hot hot, so I’m going to try this out for SURE! Thanks Bonnie. xo.

  • I felt kind of crazy not thinking of this before, seeing as i have a big glass container in the fridge of my coffee so i have iced coffee ready at ANY time, haha. Now i have cubes too. Thanks Bonnie! I love your blog!

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