meet my new baby chickens!

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hi lovelies! today, i am honored to introduce to do you the newest members of our family!

baby chicks

my little box of 7 healthy peeping chicks (all girls) arrived at the post office yesterday from my pet chicken!

baby chicks

"well hello, sista!"

baby chicks

this is paulie the buff laced polish - her fluffy head will turn into a big tuft of feathers one day, you can what she'll look like here!

baby chicks

this is pearl the plymouth rock- she'll be especially friendly.

baby chicks

say hello to clover the blue cochin! do you see her feathered feet? she'll have beautiful feathered legs when she grows up.

baby chicks

this is joby the jersey giant- jersey giants are good natured and supersized!

baby chicks

meet olina the orpington! i already have one orpington (odessa) and she's the smartest chicken i've ever met (i promise!) so i couldn't say no to getting another one.

baby chicks

elloise the easter egger will one day give me beautiful blue eggs.

baby chicks

this here is daisy the dominique, her breed is endangered so i'm doing what i can to keep their name alive!

baby chicks

these next few shots are of elloise and paulie, they are so cute together!

baby chicks

baby chicks

her beautiful eyes take my breath away.  i'm such a proud momma!  they are all in my kitchen for the next week or so, then i'll move them to the laundry room before they make their way to the outside coop where they'll meet my other 7 hens!


  • bonnie. these are the best pictures ever! i feel like i can see their little personalities! so excited for you & dave!

  • so freakin cute! adorable!

  • hehe, thank you kate! i’m anxious for you to get some beebies, too! ;p

  • SO CUTE!!! I agree, you can see their personalities in those photos. I can’t wait to see pics as they grow!!!

  • oh my goodness!!! I am in love with elloise :)

  • I am insanely insanely INSANELY jealous!!!!
    I have always wanted chickens, but alas, we cannot have them on town. So I will live vicariously through you!
    They are soooooo precious!

  • Eep! Too cute! And wonderful photos.

  • Adorable! I would have trouble remembering everyone’s names! Our brood consists of 2 doggies and I always end up calling out the wrong name when they are in trouble, I guess I take after my grandma, she always did that with me and my sisters :) Enjoy your babies!

  • OMG! They are beautiful and look so cuddely :) Love how you’ve already made them each individually cute with their names.

  • omg, these chicks are the sweetest I’ve ever seen! Couldn’t stop smiling while reading their cute names :)! xoxo

  • Oh My, I’ve just died and gone to HEAVEN! They are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! How adorable – congratulations!!

    I wish I had little chickens, or even a place for them. Maybe someday! :)

  • “Oh My Gosh!” Seriously Cute!

  • Just adorable! And what drop-dead gorgeous photos you took of them. I had a rooster growing up, so these sweeties are dear to my heart.

  • aww x 7!

  • Elloise is gorgeous! Congrats, Mama! :)

  • They are soooo adorable!!

  • I’m the proud grandmother!

  • oh wow. i can say that i pretty much just want them on the cutiness factor…what a great addition! i just bought a puppy!! getting pets is always so much fun hey?

  • Oh my – how sweet! And they’re so photogenic! :)

  • Bonnie they are beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to get mine now! :)

  • I love your baby girls! Pretty “Paulie” might need her bangs cut when she grows up. LOL I also love your chicken coop. Have fun watching them grow up.

  • They are so adorable!! that’s so wonderful that you are raising such a diversified little collection of chickens, and that you are trying to keep the rarer breeds going!

  • hehe, thank you so much everyone! they *are the cutest things ever. i’ve been wasting time just sitting and watching them. they keep dozing off standing up, then falling over, haha!

  • Okay, I freakin’ LOVE your blog!! I mean, how cute are these guys??

    • haha, thank you christen! they are pretty darling, huh?!

  • OH I think I’m in love! with all of them! I actually laughed out loud when I saw Paulie’s “hair” projection- love it!

  • oh, bonnie…I just read about little olina…so sorry, how sad.

    • aw, thanks girl. :( i cried so hard, it was embarrassing. i think it was just because she was so little. poor thing. thank you so much for your little note :)

  • you’re welcome :)
    I would have cried too :(

    • i know. :( missing her still. such innocence!

  • wait, what happened to Olina?

    • hey jenn! boo, olina passed away this week. :( shortly after i got them i knew something wasn’t well with her. for some reason, she constantly sway back and forth and wasn’t very sure footed. she also didn’t grow pretty much at all in the week that i had her. i drip fed her vitamins everyday and gave her lots of love and attention. spending so much time with her made me fall in love with her, so it was a very sad day when she left us. she was just so little, it broke my heart. i’m doing ok now, though and am able to give the others the attention they deserve, so that’s good! olina will forever be loved and remembered! :)

  • Hello, I just have to tell you how much I love and adore your Blog ! These little chicks brought back so many memories of my grandfathers house. when i would come to visit i would bug him all the time to hold the chicks.
    They are sooooooooocute!

    • hi denia! aw, thank you so much! they are all doing well, and growing so fast! i’m going to have to get them out of their box soon. :)

  • Now whatelse could I leave as a comment on this post but “Just Cute!”
    I just emailed the link to this post to my son so he can show it on his computer to our little Grandson (1 1/2 years old) since he just starts exploring the world of animals.
    Those are so cute pictures and like another comment poster also already said, it brings back lots of memories of the time when I was a little child and my Dad raised chicken.

  • So cute, and so beautiful. Thank you.

  • They are so cute! I can’t wait to have my own flock someday.

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