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i'm not sure about you, but at my house the flies have arrived and i see them going nowhere soon!  i try to be so careful when closing doors but the little critters never cease to find their way in still.  instead of using harmful chemicals or pricey fly traps, i made my very own fly paper at home with household ingredients and materials, and it was so easy!

diy sticky fly paper materials

what you'll need:

  • a paper grocery sack
  • small pot
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • string
  • 1/4 cup each of honey, sugar and water

first, cut your paper bag in to 4" strips and punch a hole in the end of each of them.  cut a piece of string for each paper strip and loop it around the hole.

how to make your own sticky fly paper

combine the honey, sugar and water in your pot over med high heat and cook until the mixture is well dissolved, then turn off the heat.

how to make your own sticky fly paper

dip each of your paper strips into the mixture, making sure to coat it really well.

how to make your own sticky fly paper

hang your strips up 'to dry' on another string.  you'll want to put something underneath them to catch the sticky drips that are sure to fall, like a piece of newspaper or a baking sheet.  leave them here until they've stopped dripping- about 30 minutes.

how to make your own sticky fly paper

now you're ready to hang the fly strip!  these guys are unbelievably sticky, so be careful to hang them out of the way (especially of youngsters or people with long hair!)

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  • Adorable flypaper?! genius.

    • hehe thank you betsy! funny that flypaper can be kinda pretty, lol.

  • Thanks for the awesome recipe! The flies are ferocious here.. and I’m sick of wasting my time swatting them :)

  • Thank you so much for posting this recipe and step by step instructions. This is definitely something I can use and love the fact that I can make them myself at home. Kudos!

  • hehe what a cute idea! I really need to do some more DIY projects… I just can’t seem to find the time! Maybe when I get back from NZ. Lovin’ your work as always Bonnie. n x

  • I am definitely going to try this come summertime! I detest the horrible little things so much but I don’t like to use spray.

  • How neat!! You always have the best ideas! Very innovative. xo

  • This is such a wonderful idea!! Thanks so much for sharing and i am really loving your very inspiring blog. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  • Has anyone tried this? Does it work? How long before it dries out?


  • Tiny flies are driving us nuts! So I hope this works, which I’m sure it will. Thank you. Brian

  • It can be a great activity for kids too…you can have them color with a crayon so it won’t bleed, that way they can have some fun too, and you won’t have to just look at a brown paper strip :-) Maybe not color the entire thing, though, as the wax from the crayon might decrease the sticky area???

    • carly, what a great idea! i haven’t experimented with it so i’m not sure about they stickiness, but i’m sure it would be fine! have fun!

  • How about a review? How well does this work? I’ve tried several different types of contraptions/sprays, etc. Thanks for posting this, but how effective is it? Thank You!

    • hey michael! it works great! i used them during the summer and caught many-a-fly. :)

  • Thanks, Bonnie! I’ll give it a try to catch me a fly :)

    Another poster from above mentioned coloring these. That gave me the idea to draw several little black flys on the strips, before coating them, to catch the eye of the fly that I want to die.

  • Dh made some and it did not work at all…just wasted my honey. The water ratio seems a bit high maybe? Either way we are so irritated by these flies….free we are going to try the jar of water with jam in it.

    • hi michelle, so sorry to hear this! it always works really well for us, and i’ve found that i prefer this method to any others i’ve tried. that said, let us know how the water/jam jar works!

  • Thank you for the sticky fly strip recipe.
    I am going to try using your recipe to coat toilet roll cylinders!
    Kind Regards,
    Steve Mooney

  • I tried these last week and didn’t catch any flies….I saw some land on them, but they flew right off again…not sure what I did wrong…did I maybe keep it on the heat too long? Not long enough? Did I soak them too long? not long enough? I have no clue, but have you ever had a ‘bad’ batch?

    • hey kl! hmm, how weird! i’ve never had a bad batch and feel like they definitely should had stuck to it! perhaps try a little less water and see if that helps?

  • I loved this idea and had fun preparing the sticky strips. Unfortunately they have not worked for me AT ALL — wasps, house flies, and even tiny little fruit flies are all able to land, eat the sweetness, and then fly away. :( I was pretty disappointed.

  • Good thought and cheep too. Except it does not work. I was looking for fly paper not a fly feeder. Ty I’ll keep looking.

    • i’m so sorry to hear everyone is struggling with this. it really did work for me! :(

  • I made these this morning, and before they had even completely set up they were catching the flies in my kitchen. I’m diffinately going to keep this recipe, and share it. Thank you very much.

  • I think this solution is working, but it depends on honey type, is it diluted or not and other factors. Be sure you melted sugar on heat and a little caramelized it, but not to much, because it will became into a candy :) Today I have made sticky papers, but added a half dose of water. And I must say it works! :)

  • How long will it remain sticky?

    • hey larry! mine lasted for several weeks. :)

  • This didn’t work for me at all. I had hundreds of flies land on them, but they were able to fly right off.

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