SeeSaw Seventies Style

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Hello gorgeous Roosters! It's Nancy here from Wolf and Willow, stopping by with a little vintage goodness whilst Bonnie is moving house. Apart from the endless enjoyment I get from browsing through Etsy's handmade goods, I just love that you can shop for craft supplies and vintage too. It's heaven for lovers of all three, like me! Here's a little collection of seventies-style homewares from one of my favourite vintage sellers, SeeSaw Vintage. I love the geometric patterns and the cute retro color schemes, like tangerine, olive and goldenrod, which are so quintessential of that era. It reminds me of laminex table tops, wood grain wallpaper, and summer parties with those brightly-colored cocktail onions and cheese squares. Pretty groovy, don't you think?

Nancy x


  • Very groovy, indeed. I remember when those things were new.

  • So much fun! Thanks, Nancy :)

  • what a fun collection and I *love* the way you write!

  • such a gorgeous collection! just love the olive green 1960’s style cups!!

  • hello lovelies! thanks again, bonnie, for having me over for “tea”. it was my pleasure! going home to roost is lookin’ sooo good – hope your move went well!

  • the green cups…. love- i used to have a whole set of these, sadly lost them when i moved house.

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