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you know me, if we ever move (which we've been doing a lot of lately) i'll have several projects on my to-do-list to accomplish. since we've arrived at our new home, i've been a frequent yardsaler and regular at the hardware store. while on one of my rummage expeditions i found these chairs. i snatched them up for 50¢ each- and though they were good and sturdy, they needed a thorough cleaning up.

and that's exactly what the got! after removing the spider webs, hosing them off and peeling back what seemed to be several years of disgusting chair covers (gross), i got down to the gold.

and voila! going for that old-beachy kind of feel, i gave them a solid sanding all over and then a good white wash (following these instructions from d*s). i recovered the chairs using some brand new batting and some of my favorite prints.

before and after

before and after

what do you think? i feel pretty good about this $1.50 spent.


  • ok, so they turned out 100% fabulous! way to go Bonnie!

  • Wow. Nice work!

  • Wow! What a steal and they’re wonderful for a cottage atmosphere. Love the colorful fabrics you’ve chosen as well.

  • i’m so jealous…. you’re so talented!

  • I love them! I want them :)


  • Oh wow they turned out super great! I think those flea markets/yard sales are calling my name now.

  • I think they look AMAZING!

  • They are beautiful! So good to see what you do with those fabrics! Love you.

  • these are FANTASTIC!!!!! I LOVE them!

  • they look amazing + you’re one lucky lady to find those for 50 cents!

  • AMAZING!!! for so little…beautiful chairs!!! wish there were more ‘yard’ sales here in the UK…

  • Wow! That’s one heck of a deal – and you made them look so wonderful.

  • $1.50!? Does that mean I can buy them for $10/set!? :) That seems fair, right? ;)

    You are way too cool for words, Bonnie. Every project you post blows me away! :)

    • anna, you are so sweet. :) and yes, $10 is totally fair! haha.

  • What a wonderful makeover! I love that you used a different fabric on each one. You are the (wo)MAN!

  • OMG. Love this!

  • i cant believe they were only 50 cents each!!
    these could definitely sell for like 30 bucks each.. at least
    so creativeee

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