before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

| before and after makeovers

hi friends! i have another before and after to share with you! i found this fella at a local thrift store for $50 a while back and took him home with some big beachy plans in mind.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

here's the before, it has 6 very nice sliding drawers in it- but boy is it heavy. i'm sure you would have loved seeing us trying to get it set up in the lawn- but happy that you didn't!

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers
and here's the after! i was a little uncertain about my choice of sea-green at first, but it has really grown on me. i attached 4 wheels on the bottom since it was so heavy and have paired it with a few pillows on the bed that match perfectly to help the whole room come together.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

hanging above is my diy patchwork art and on the table is a little artwork from one of our favorite bicycle artists, chris koelle.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

and though i'm not sure where she got it from, my sister recently sent my this birch vase. it looks so pretty with fresh flowers in it, and i think of her every time i see it. :)


  • Oh Bonnie, it’s beautiful! I LOVE the color and I can’t wait to see it in real life!

  • OoOoh love the color choice!

  • it came out so great! i love the color. :)

  • O bonnie I love this!

  • Yay! I love it very much!

  • Oh wow, I love this! You always inspire me to get painting. :) Nothing that a can of paint can’t make lovely!

  • WOW what a big improvement from the Original, I love it!! That colour is awesome :)

  • Love it! The green is great~ so fresh! I adore painted furniture :-)

  • It turned out great! I love good thrift finds! The color is perfect too!

  • such a beautiful seafoam color.. where did you get it?

  • thank you, esther! i color-matched it to an old vase i had at ace hardware. :)

  • Well done! My favorite posts are always about your abode and creations.

  • Hi, I found you through YoungHouseLove today! I love your site. BTW, I’ve seen those birch vases at while I’ve been doing wedding planning!

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