advertising special

| bonnie forkner

advertising special

can you believe fall is just around the corner? whether we're ready or not, it's already time to start thinking about the holidays (wahh!). to get a head start, consider getting prepared early. purchase three months of any ad size, and get december FREE. that's right, the busiest, most important and (traditionally) most pricey month for advertising- FOR FREE!

download the full press package with advertising info here then e-mail me or comment here if you're interested or having any questions.


  • The press package link is broken… so sad!

  • hey brittany! it should open a pdf download, and it’s working for me? you can also go to the advertising page and download it from there. let me know if it still doesn’t work!

  • OK, great! Thanks Bonnie :) It just took me to a page saying that it couldn’t find the link. Must’ve just been a little glitch. Thanks!

  • Hi Bonnie! I LOVE your blog & I’m interested in a basic spot!

  • hey sara! great! i’ll email you!

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