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happy monday, lovelies! how was your weekend? after much debate, we decided to venture out into the dreaded carmageddon, but to our surprise, didn't have any issues at all! in fact, it was eerily quite around l.a.- we spent the whole weekend there for a little bike-race-getaway and didn't get stuck in traffic once. we couldn't believe it! but enough of that, shall we get on to our 2nd diy for the day? i think so!

diy painted jars

after seeing these beautiful painted jars on kootut murut a while back, i couldn't wait to make them myself. even though jutta's turned out much prettier than mine, i thought i would at least go ahead and share them with you. they were a cinch to make and so much fun!

diy painted jars

i'm going to send you over to jutta's painting pastel glass jars for detailed instructions, but the steps are pretty simple. simply add paint, a little water, shake, drain and let dry. all the bottles i used were leftover condiment bottles, from salsa, strawberry jam and hot sauce. what a wonderful way to reuse, reduce and recycle!

diy painted jars

perfect for pens and paintbrushes, i love the simple look they have and the colorful splash they give.


  • They turned out beautiful! Love the colors you picked – what type of paint did you use?

    • hi laurie! thank you! i just used regular ol’ house paint. it was low voc (olympic, i think) w/ an eggshell finish- but i think any would do!

  • LOVE, LOVE, lOVE!!!

  • every DIY post you write gets me all hyped to be crafty! this is something i can see myself accomplishing on one of my days off – super excited! thanks, bonnie. miss you!

  • So pretty! Love the colours you used! I’m going to be saving up all of my condiment jars:)

  • Love it!

  • I’m glad your weekend turned out nice for some bike riding. We had a relaxing weekend, but we went fishing at the lake on Sunday. Had a great time. I seen the jars, and I really like the pastel colors. Since I have a few jars around, I’m going to make a few painted jars with my grandson, so he can give them to his parents for Christmas this year.

  • lovely! thanks for sharing :D

  • LOVE this! Bonnie you have the best projects!

  • Hi Bonnie, I love this idea… I seem to collect glass jars that are a little bit unusual (for some reason I can’t bring myself to put them in the recycling!) and now I know what to do with them… looking forward to a little crafting this weekend! Thanks so much.

  • I have to do this. thanks for the suggestion.

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