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diy scratch off cards

{scratch off save the date cards by martha stewart via how about orange?}

this diy project instantly took me back to my childhood. i used to love (ok, still do) scratch off cards. there's just something about the unknown, and the excitement of scratching off that silver paint to see what's revealed underneath.

"DAD! do you have a quarter?"

now thanks to martha stewart, we can make our own diy scratch off cards- right at home! how fun would this be for save the dates, baby announcements and all sorts of surprises? with simple steps and common materials i can't wait to use this for my next big announcement.

click here for the full how to. do you have any ideas on how to use this technique?


  • these are absolutely precious.. i’m definitely trying these out for the next summer soiree I host in my backyard!

  • This would be fabulous for a coupon giveaway for customers at a jewelry party or even as part of swag given away at craft shows. Love it!

  • HEY . that card has my birthday on it ! :D

    • paula, how funny!! happy belated birthday!

      marja- great idea!will have to remember that!

  • These are lovely! wouldnt it be a fantastic advent calendar, to scratch of little pictures every day? :)

  • this is such a cute idea!!! I think it’s perfect for a save the date cards!

  • i’m in a sorority and one of my sisters was going to spain, she made a countdown book with a page like that every day till she got back for her littles (:

  • I want to do these for my kids. Every time one of them earns a “reward”, they get a scratch off card. One circle might be a movie rental, another a special snack, another a sleepover, etc. Change them up so they can’t predict which one they’ll get, of course!!!

  • I love the advent calendar idea, and the kid’s reward one too! This year’s Christmas cards are going to be so cool!

  • What about cute valentines day cards? Inspired from the picture in the post, have three hearts and underneath each card is each word from: “I Love you!”

    I think I’ll do this for my boyfriend next valentines! :)

  • I have tried and tried and tried to get this to work on burgundy card stock. Am I doing something wrong? The paint always scratches of the ink and part of the paper! Please HELP!

    • hi belinda, oh no! i haven’t tried it yet but it looks like others are having issues as well. read (all) of the comments on martha’s site, it looks there are some really good tips on how to make it work on there. also check out this site and see if that helps. good luck!!

  • I did these for a fun lottery game for my sisters bridal shower in August and they worked pretty well! Had to do a couple layers but everyone loved them and was complementing them!

  • These would make great birth announcements! It’s a winning combination…then scratch the number for the weight or birth date!

  • I’m using this idea for my little “girlfriend gift-certificates” that im making for my boyfriend for christmas! That way he wont get to choose which certificate to use, and it will be random.

  • I am using the scratch off idea for my husband’s valentine’s present. I did a similar design with the 3 hearts and under each heart is something I will do for him. Each card is a category: when he’s tired, when he’s frustrated, and when he’s feeling romantic. Then when he’s in that mood he picks a heart to scratch and that’s what we’ll do. It’s kinda a new twist on the old Mother’s Day gift of giving acts of service to her (like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn).

    • jennifer, what a great idea! and how sweet! thank you for sharing :)

  • I think thethe problem that Belinda is having is due to the fact that you need to put a piece of clear plastic between the cardstock and the paint- i.e. clear packing tape or contact paper.

  • Love this idea for scratch cards. Already planning on using a similar idea for a friend of mine that just had a baby boy.What a wonderful find, thanks for the stummble.

  • make sure you put the tape on!!! if you paint directly on the paper, it won’t scratch off!!!! the tape is the secret!

  • Thanks for letting me know about this fun paint!

  • What a great idea!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration

  • How fun!, gonna try this:-)

  • wow………..

  • I would like to do this to make home made Valentines Day cards for my sons kindergarten class next month. Cool idea.

  • Really fun article

  • Fabulous idea.worst ro try it

  • nice…

  • just saw your website. this is so beautiful :)) btw. love the cards

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