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DIY screen rack

i ran across this diy screen rack from jutta's blog, kootut murut, last week and have had it floating around in a tab on my browser ever since. doesn't it just work magic for this space? they built it themselves to divide the room up a bit and i think it's the perfect addition to the style here. as we start looking for a new place to live next week, i'm going to remember that this is an option. what a great idea for a small space!

DIY screen rack

head on over to kootut murut for the full how-to with step by step instructions and more great pictures to follow along with. you can even use it as a coat rack!


  • OMG, I LOVE this room!!!!

  • love this idea! I wonder if you could do it with PVC pipe? I am do the Spring Market for the Junior League along with a potter friend and it would be a great way to cover up the curtain color that will be there!

  • Part of me really likes this, but the other part of me just think it looks like one of those screens you get in hospitals!! Sorry :S

    • ellie, haha. maybe so, but if i ever got such a beautiful screen in a hospital, i would superbly impressed! ;)

  • Hi! Could you tell me what paint color is on the walls? So pretty. Thanks!

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