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diy egg notes
diy egg notes
diy egg notes
diy egg notes
diy egg notes
i ran across this eggstra special easter project (originally found via laissezfaire) and instantly fell in love! wouldn't this be the most special treat to send to someone? with all the different ways you could paint the egg and all the sweet little sayings you could put inside, how could i resist? and by the way, did you know that each and everyone of you are eggstra special to me? xx


  • What a brilliant idea!

  • What a darling idea! I love Easter eggs!

  • oh my, so cute – I love the way the “instructions” are laid out!

  • I was astounded at the neatness of the polka dots until I looked at the last photo of the cracked egg– there ARE no polka dots. The egg is photoshopped lol.

    • wowzer mk, i didn’t notice that before! you have a good eye! haha.

  • How did you make the box?

    • malou, this is project i re-posted found over at poppytalk (originally found via laissezfaire). you can visit it their for more detail instructions!

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