magnetic sewing room catch all

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magnetic strip catch all

i remember seeing this project way back when on the farm chicks blog and have kept it in mind all this time! with a simple magnetic knife strip and some cute fabric, you can have a sewing room catch all in no time.

magnetic strip catch all


- magnetic knife strip (mine is from ikea)

- spray adhesive (optional)

- glue gun

- scissors

- fabric to recover with


cut the fabric into a long rectangle big enough to wrap around the edges of your magnetic strip. spray with adhesive and tack into place. using a hot glue gun, secure the fabric to the back side. mount according to instructions and voila!

magnetic strip catch all

what do you think? a magnetic strip next to my sewing area has been the most useful thing. it not only holds scissors, but spare needles and seam rippers, too!


  • i LOVE this! Such a pretty and useful idea. I am definitely going to try this when I move into my new house :)

  • thanks for the inspiration! i’ve been thinking about doing something similar for my chalk board to hold the tin of chalk. very cute!

  • I like it! I organized my sewing room this month (it took 3 weekends) and I need one of these, maybe 2.

  • That is a great idea! I need one asap.

  • Now THIS is very cool and so easy! I’m certainly bookmarking and noting for my studio redo – which will happen – some day.

  • what a wonderful and easy project. must make me one of those. gorgeous.

  • I have posted links to one of your tutorials on my blog. Please let me know if you would like me to remove it and it will be done right away. I have changed my blog over to sharing all the wonderful tutorials I have found. Thank you for your tutorial!


  • I’ve just been thinking that I need to organize my sewing room. My scissors in a pencil holder is just not working. Great idea…thank you!

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