valentine’s day diy

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valentine's day diy
valentine's day card exchange at school. i can still remember the feeling of excitement i would get when it was my turn to hand out my (hand crafted) valentine's day cards to all my classmates. fast-forward some 6 or 7 (very awkward) years to the days where my high school would sell bouquets of flowers to students to be delivered to their sweethearts. i would get the nervous jitter bugs everytime someone opened the classroom door with a delivery of flowers, only to see them passed to a neighbor (though i think i did receive a bouquet from a 'secret admirer' once... creepy?).

my point? i think these diy heart pins from the purl bee would be the perfect project for this year's valentine's day exchange at any school. easy to make and suitable for kids- i just love this v-day diy!

valentine's day diy
don't have kids? i think these would be so pretty pinned to your valentine's day cards or attached to pretty wool jacket. what do you think? i love the array of colors here, i'm not sure i could choose a favorite (but if i had to, it'd probably be that peachy cream or mustard yellow). head on over to the purl bee for the full diy!


  • these are just way too cute! and, what a nice tutorial – so thorough!

  • These are so cute and would be perfect to drop off in friends’ mailboxes at college!

  • My fav part was getting to decorate the shoe box to take to school. By the times my kids got to school they didnt get to make those fun boxes.
    I think those hearts you made are cute

  • These really are so sweet. School Valentine’s Day parties really don’t feel that long ago, and I remember how the week before Valentine’s Day always felt so exciting. I, too, loved decorating the shoe boxes or once we even made baskets for our Valentines out of paper plates.

    @Cry – that’s a shame your kids didn’t get to make the shoe boxes. My little ones will be entering grade school in 3 or 4 years – I hope they still get to do the fun, creative things that make school memorable. These little felt Valentines would be so fun for older kids to make, and worth keeping by the recipient.

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