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do what you love e-course
are you doing what you love? that's the question that beth asks you in her new online adventure- the do what you love e-course. it will take you step-by-step on a path to discovering your true passion and finding a way to make it a greater part of your everyday life. and the best part of all? she has one place to give away, worth £69! beth believes that the world would be a better place if more people were doing what they loved. and i agree.

here's how you enter the giveaway!

visit this blog post to read more about this fabulous e-course, then return here to tell us why you think you would benefit from the course at this particular point in your life in the comments section. you have until sunday, febraury 27th to enter. a winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on monday, february 28th. good luck!

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  • I would love this course. I have just begun doing what I love and this would be the extra boost I need.

  • Oh my! Where to begin? I would LOVE to take a course like this. I’m 25 years old, recently starting going back to school and have been pining over all things creative since I was sucked into the British Country Living. I want to find something that makes me happy. I want to be able to announce where I work with pride. Right now, I’m stuck in a rut. I’m at a job that I don’t enjoy and feel like I’m in a bubble. At this age, I want to take opportunities and run with them. I want to shout at the top of my lungs, “I LOVE MY JOB!!!” I know I would be more productive in what I do and happier in general. I would love to take a course like this to king of get me going in the right direction!

  • I’ve spent the last year wondering if there is more to life than staying at home with my children. I decided I needed to find out as I turn 30 this year and want to have some sort of direction, but I’m stuck! I still feel like I did when I was a teenager and asked what I’d like to be and a million things go through my head. Maybe a course like this would help me sort it all out.

  • This course is what I need in my life right now! 3 years ago, I completely changed my life path so that I could stay home with my baby girl. Then just last week, she started going to daycare part time. This sudden free time on my hands has left me with a desire to follow my passion… What that is, though, I’m just not sure!

  • I have looked at this course but didn’t know if I was ‘ready’. When are we ever ‘ready’ though? I have been putting LOTS of thoughts into starting my own sewing business. Maybe this could help guide me along! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Sounds like a wonderful course and I would to take part…I think sometimes I think I know what I want…but then it changes. So at times, I wonder if I’m heading in the right direction to do what I love or not… should we always have aspirations and it’s okay to want change or should we be content with what we have?! Lots to ponder…

  • I recently got my life on a new track and I would love to find more purpose and direction to get everything accomplished that I want to. This course sounds really interesting and I think it would learn volumes from it.

  • I’d really appreciate the opportunity to assess my passions and how those could turn into potential career paths for me. I do a lot on my own to try to build up my portfolio and learn, but I feel like having some direction from an outside source would help a lot. I’ve considered a career counselor lately, but I have such a diverse set of interests and skill sets that I’m not sure who would be able to help me narrow it down! I desperately want to do what I love – and I’m willing to make the changes necessary to get there. This wouldn’t be a wasted giveaway.

  • Having just finished The Artist’s Way {highly recommended!} for the third time, I still feel like something hasn’t clicked for me in terms of letting go and really getting to the bottom of what I’m passionate about…and how to live a life that embraces my passion. I appreciate how this course has a variety of tasks/experiences to really help you learn what you love and how to really live it. I feel unsatisfied & stagnant right now and after reading this course description, really believe this is synchronicity. My fingers are crossed – – would love to join the adventure!

  • I quit my job 9 months ago to go at it on my own, so I could really use a fresh perspective right now! I’ve been struggling the last couple of months, deciding whether or not to go back to a soul-sucking office job.

  • I would be oh so happy to receive the free e-course! I have been clicking back and forth to the Do What You Love for Life website, from Going Home to Roost for a few weeks. I noticed the ad on the side of the blog, and once I read the description of the course I was smitten. I haven’t taken the plunge to buy the e-course, since I’m in college and we live on one income. My husband is the only one working because four years ago (just out of college and newly married) I got sick and I had to quit my job. It took me a couple of years to figure out what was wrong. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Over the last few years I have worked toward my Master’s Degree in Arts Administration and I have worked as a freelance designer. I am finishing my thesis, and should graduate at the end of the summer. Things I once considered as a career are not an option anymore with my health (I used to enjoy Visual Merchandising, which was my first job out of college, but with fibromyalgia I can’t do the physical work). I am creative, and I would love to have my own company. I just can’t figure out how to get from A to Z, and I would love to LOVE what I do. I really feel like the e-course could help me so much, and it would help me get clear about what I want to do. I am all over the place, with tons of ideas and projects. I just need to figure out which to choose, and what it is that makes me happy. Please please pick me for the free e-course, it would make my decade!
    Melissa :-)

  • I’ve been struggling the last four to five years trying to figure out what I’m passionate about. I went to law school thinking that’s what I should do. And I was really really good at it. But I’m not in love with it. I don’t get fired up about it. I’m not sure what I’m passionate about anymore. I would love to have help finding that passion. I feel like I’ve gone too long without it.

    Thank you!

  • i’m about to be laid off for the 4th year in a row (i work in education…). i was lucky to be able to do what i loved for two years and am kind-of sort-of still associated with that work but am feeling like i am going to need to find a new passion for a while until the educational world gets better. this could be a great kick-start for that!

  • I’ll be finishing my studies next year and I’ll be teacher soon after. But I do not want to be a teacher and nothing else – I want to partly work in the arts, and I want to be a wonderful teacher as well, I want to lead a rich life.
    I want to do what I love in so many different ways, but oftentimes, I don’t know HOW. This e-course could be helpful about the how and also could help with the motivation to really work for it.

  • I’m in a rut professionally and definitely feel the urge to find something to do that I love. I have some things I’m passionate about but am unsure about where to start.

  • I would love to do this course as right now I’m not happy with what I’m doing as a job and thats starting to really rub off onto the things that I love doing as hobbies: my blog and photography. I’m desperately trying to find a way to make myself happier with what I’m doing without taking any massive risks and I think that a more positive and perhaps different approach to what I’m doing would be really beneficial to me. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I would love to be able to have the courage to explore other creative outlets and really ‘take the leap’. I am the breadwinner in a job I really DISLIKE while my husband is doing doctoral work in a field he has passion for. I want to do my passion (even if I’m not entirely sure what that is). I am a ER nurse and I am not built for all the verbal abuse that we get from patients. Most nurses don’t take it personally but I can’t help it. I would love to take this ecourse so that I don’t have to work in a job that is full of pain and abuse.

  • Rose, February 25th, 2011
    I would love to give this to my daughter, as a gift. I have
    always taught her to follow her dreams! In many ways she is
    doing just that! but I think she would like to know in what
    way does she combine her dreams,and her many years of education. Thank you!

  • I have been struggling for a few years trying to find my passion, a profession that will make me spring out of bed each morning excited about what I will be doing that day. Some guidance in this area would be appreciated.

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