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hello, lovelies! today's guest post comes to you from one of the sweetest gals, jes from oh, buckets! she found ghtr in it's early (early) days, and we've been friends ever since. whether it's a diy project or a new item for her shop, she's always up to something new and whimsically beautiful. i hope you enjoy getting to know her and learning about this great project! xo, bonnie

book page bunting
My little Sofia turned 5 this past weekend and we celebrated with her requested butterfly and heart party – what a sweet combination!  I was able to use a table cloth that once belonged to my great, great grandma.  It was made from an old flour sack and beautifully embellished with none other than butterflies and blue embroidery!  I also made an adorable cake topper for Sofia’s little flourless chocolate heart cake, and a party pom out of cupcake liners!  But, the stars of the show were the book page buntings proudly announcing Sofia and her brand new age!  Read on for a super simple how-to:

What you’ll need:

An old book – I found mine at a thrift store for $0.50!

A hole puncher

Reinforcement circles

Ribbon – I used 3 yards

A sharp blade and scissors

Glue or decoupage – I used the latter

Paper to make your letters/numbers/shapes or pre-cut options

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book page bunting

Begin by cutting out the number of book pages you will need.  I used a sharp blade, but scissors would work just fine.  Since my little lady was turning five I chose to (mostly) use pages containing the number 5.  You can cut out whatever pages you like!  Then, punch two holes in the top of each page (this is where the ribbon will run thru).  Because old book pages are fragile, you will want to line the back of each punched hole with reinforcement circles.

Next, cut out your letters and/or pictures.  I used a Slice machine, but any similar tool would work!  You could also print the letters on the computer and cut them out or purchase pre-cut letters and/or pictures from a craft store.  I chose to adhere my letters with decoupage, but you could use glue.  Allow the letters to dry before adding the ribbon – about 20 minutes should do.

book page bunting

Finally, lay your pages out in the order you want them to hang.  Begin running your ribbon thru the holes - starting from the underside of each page, coming out the top, and then back down thru.  Make sure to leave enough ribbon at each end for hanging.  And, wa-la you’re done!


  • oh please come to my house and decorate for my birthday in august – same hearts and butterfly xx

  • bonnie – so *excited* to be here today! thank you :)
    carrie – I’m not sure there are many things I like better than planning a party…be careful, I might show up at your door :)

  • Umm Jes….You’ve inspired me, but I may need your help! How’s this Saturday looking for you? :)

  • This is the sweetest idea! Thank you so much for sharing – my girls have Autumn birthdays, so I have some time to get started :)

  • Kristina – as my friend in the same city, help is only minutes away…just call if you need anything!
    Ashley – thank you for the note – yes, certainly enough time to make your own, ha! :)

  • Carrie – me, again…I just checked out your blog…oh, my – wouldn’t I just *love* to travel to Ireland for your party!

  • So sweet! And I have a Slice machine…I can do this! Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday Sofia!

  • maxine – thank you and I will pass along your birthday wish to miss sofia :) btw: do you use your Slice to cut fabric? I have some fabric and fusable paper backing to give it a shot, but haven’t done it yet…

  • I do indeed use my Slice Machine to cut fabric. I made a beautiful quilt using the fusible and Amy Butler’s fabrics. I’ll have to send you a photo of it. Bonnie will give me your email address. (I’m Bonnie’s mom) You do have to use the fusible product that Slice markets. I tried it with several other products and didn’t get satisfactory results. I have last year’s Slice machine and this year they have made one specifically for fabric. I will probably get those to sell in my quilt shop, but I had no problem with the older one.

  • maxine – I had remembered your name and was thrilled to see a comment from bonnie’s mama :) also, I didn’t even realize Slice made a fusible product (thank you for the tip!!)…better go and get that before I try it out with my fabric! *excited* to see a photo of your quilt!!

  • i’ve never seen book page bunting before — what a great idea!

  • thank you Katrina – I was inspired by many of the lovely blogs and shops I view each day!

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