pretty packaging: knot and bow

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knot & bow pretty packaging

what is it about a pretty package that gets me all excited inside? there's just something about dolling up a gift with strings and bows and everything beautiful to make it extra special for the person you're giving it to. i love the collection of gift-wrapping-goodies that knot & bow have to offer, everything from pretty doilies to mini clothespins. hop on over to their shop to discover all the ways you can make your packages all the more prettier!


  • so so pretty … li want some of everything. thanks for sharing!! have a wonderful day. ps. if you haven’t read “under the tuscan sun” you need to!!

  • i love the “me & you” pencils – so cute! my boyfriend just proposed and i have had that cutesy couple stuff on the mind like mad for days! definitely going on my shopping spree list. :) xo!

    • anna- CONGRATULATIONS!!! so excited for you!

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