glimpses of our new home

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hi sweets! before logging off for the weekend, i wanted to share with you some quick glimpses of our new home! everything is not quite ready yet for a big reveal, but i've got some areas that i wanted to go ahead and show you. :)

glimpses of our new home

this is looking through our kitchen nook. i just got this chalkboard wall decal in the mail this week, i love it so much!

glimpses of our new home

one of my favorite finds has been this old trunk. i use it to stow guest linens in and place my beachy collections on top of.

glimpses of our new home

the very beginnings of my sewing nook- the rest of it has a long way to go still. ;)

glimpses of our new home

remember my thrift find?

glimpses of our new home

a few garden greens in my 'green house' corner.

glimpses of our new home

this is my work spot, in fact i'm sittin' here now!

glimpses of our new home

more thrifted finds that i dolled up with some fabric from my mom.

glimpses of our new home

oh, and this is my new favorite plant! it's a succulent called 'string of pearls'.

glimpses of our new home

and our favorite spot to relax outdoors. i'm working on an eating area and grill for out here as well, but for now these will do.

glimpses of our new home

so that's a sneak peak, loves! have a lovely weekend!


  • WOW I LOVE all these photos and your house is beautiful! it look so fresh and clean. Seems like a very relaxing place! LOVE IT!!!!!

  • oh so beautiful!

  • You have a beautiful start! I’m so jealous of your sunshine and flowers! Can’t wait to see more!

  • gorgeous bonnie!
    in your sewing nook there is a curtainish piece of fabric hanging on the wall…what exactly is it? it’s so lovely!

    • hey jes! thank you, love! yes, we have a couple of unsightly heaters that stick out of the walls so i hung panels on both sides to cover them up. i’m not sure why i can’t find the specific ones, but they are from ikea and i layered it over a straw panel. here’s the same one in a different print: :)

  • Beautiful! I so enjoy seeing how you put things together. It makes me see random things in my world in a whole new light! Thanks for sharing.

    • kristina, what a sweet thing to say. :) thank you.

  • Wow-lovely! Looks like you have a very beautiful yet comfortable home……you have a lot of talent with decorating!

  • Hello bonnie,

    I love your new place! Oh how I wish to find such a place in the future. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it my own as you did with your place. Love your blog, too.


  • looks fantastic, Bonnie!

  • LOVELY touches!

  • Looks wonderful! I love how you pull everything together! I can’t wait to have my own space so I can decorate it just to my liking! I love the ‘string of pearls’ plant!

  • where did you find those awesome floating shelves that look like tree trunks? love everything!

    • hey jenn! sorry for just now seeing this! i got them several years ago and can’t seem to find them again, but i think they were from CB2? i’m going to keep looking! xo

  • It’s soooo sweet, Bonnie!

  • Oh Bonnie you have done it again everything looks sooo cute and fresh.You are just like your mom.Which is a great thing.You two have so much to give us with your great ideals.Love it Elva

  • Your home is so homey. I adore it. I am especially loving the fabrics. So inspiring.

  • your house is so refreshing and bright.. i’ve never managed to have an orderly clutter. but you seem to have mastered it.. your home looks like it was professionally decorated.. esp your cabinet with the thrift finds!
    i love it :)

  • Bonnie, your house is so lovely and delicate!, I love how bright and romantic of a feel it has!, and your roses are soooo beautiful!… no wonder you’re so inspired when you blog! *_^


  • Just discovered your blog and can’t wait to comb through it! Finding so many new plants to want!

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