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hello lovelies! a few weeks ago i got a great question pop up in my inbox from ashley of gilded house. i thought you all might be interested in my answer, so i'm turning our inbox covo into a post for you all. let's call it an inbox inquiry!
inbox inquiry: healthy eating

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ashley's question:


"I love your blog and read it everyday so when I had questions in regards to simple, healthy eating I thought about you. I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to food...I can follow a recipe but I'm not creative in the kitchen. So, when it comes to healthy eating...I feel overwhelmed. Do you recommend any recipe books/blogs/websites that speak to easy, organic, healthy eating? I would appreciate any help with this!"

my answer:


hi ashley! thanks for the great question, i would love to share my go-to resources with you! here they are:

the kitchenist: written by a lovely gal named ele, this blog has a fresh from the farmers market feel and one beautifully photographed recipe after another.
roost blog: another blog full of eye candy and delicious recipes, one you're sure to love!
the pioneer woman: a truly extensive library of online recipes from ree drummond.
kath eats: kath logs everything she eats and several recipes. i use her meals as inspiration when i need a quick idea for a health dinner.

simple vegetarian pleasures: with stained pages and doggie-eared corners, this is definitely my favorite cookbook. at first i was disappointed at the lack of pictures, but everything i've ever made from it has been absolutely amazing.
simply in season: with meals categorized by which veggies are in season, i find this the most helpful cookbook i own. it makes the task of buying and cooking seasonally a cinch!
everyday food: i also subscribe to martha stewart's everyday food. i always find several new recipes to try every month, and also find most of them easy to adapt to a vegetarian diet.

xox, bonnie

so this is where you come in! do you have any advice? what are you favorite cookbooks, blogs and/or websites for easy, organic cooking? please share with us in the comment section!


  • the cookbook i use the most has very simple recipes in it so you don’t feel overwhelmed. (mine is in german though so i can’t really recommend it). so my tip is: select a cookbook that uses more or less common ingredients. this way you don’t overspend your budget and you won’t waste time searching for specialty foods in one store after the next. after you get used to healthy cooking you can start venturing out and getting more exotic.

  • ‘Spices of Life’ by Nina Simonds. GREAT healthy cookbook with an Asian slant. All of the ingredients inside were found at a local ‘large’ American grocery store (I was one of her PA’s during this book’s creation). Access to a Trader Joe’s or an asian grocer would speed some things up, but most everything should be at your local large grocery store.

    Honestly, asian food was never a huge turn-on for me until I worked for Nina and realized how easy (and healthy) it can be. Also, I’m totally lazy in the kitchen and love how most everything in there is pretty fast to throw together.

    Favorite chapters: Main Dish Salads and Something to Graze On (we are total grazers!)

  • My favorite cookbook and a great choice for someone who feels overwhelmed by food is “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman, it literally tells you how to cook everything, with options and variations, and it’s all very simple. I’d also recommend “The Moosewood Cooks at Home” or any Moosewood cookbook really. Vegetarian, simply, and good.

    As an aside, I have to just say, as much as I love the Pioneer Woman (and I do subscribe to her blog) you can hardly call her recipes healthy or organic.

  • Ooo! Thanks for that. One of our resolutions was to start cooking at home more. :)

  • I follow the Eat Like Me blog ( It’s written by a dietitian who records everything she eats and also does “cook like me” and “shop like me” segments. While her meals aren’t exclusively organic, it is something she gravitates towards. I’ve learned a lot by example from this blog.

  • organization always helps relieve stress/feeling overwhelmed (for me anyway)…each week I plan a menu, post it on the fridge, and get the groceries all at once (except perishables that need to wait)…you can tailor meals to the amount of time you have for preparation each day and there is no struggling with what to make at the last minute…hope that little tip helps :)

  • Oh my gosh this is right up my alley. I’ve been on such a cookbook craze lately! My absolutely favorite one I’ve got this year is Canning for a New Generation by Liana Krissoff. I also got Alice Waters’ In the Garden Kitchen, as well as Urban Pantry by Amy Pennington. They’re both pretty good.
    Of course my latest inspiration has been your blog. I love love your chickens, and while I can’t have any where I live…they did inspire me to find a local farm with wonderful eggs. I love the blue and speckled ones and all of them taste so so good!
    Melissa :-)

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