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do you use pinterest? as a brilliant tool in helping you categorize, organize and archive your favorite finds, it's quickly become the latest rage. in holly becker's recent article, pinterest may help your decorating add for simplystated., she describes some of the best tips on how to use pinterest to keep your design ideas organized. learn how to make the most out of your boards, from creating them with specific intentions and giving them appropriate descriptions to learning how best to credit your sources. click here to read the article in full!

are you on pinterest? if so, share your board with us in the comments section! and if you're interested, you can follow going home to roost here. :) see you on pinterest!


  • Pinterest is a lot of fun! Love your pins, and added you to my “follows”.

  • Love pinterest, use it almost everyday!

  • I do use pinterest! I’ve been pinning since April this year—I think I was on about 6 hours the first time I logged in, just pinning things from blogs and uploading pics from the inspiration folder on my desktop.

  • Pinterest is my new addiction! I’ve only been using it for just over a week but it’s my new favourite thing to do! my page is:

  • i looooooove pinterest! it has been so helpful for me in organizing ideas – i had SO many bookmarks just piling up on firefox, just because of one single article or DIY thing i wanted to remember. this is so much easier, prettier, and inspirational! my favorite board so far is the ideas i have to use in my classroom – i can’t wait for the new year to start now! :)
    my page is:
    if you want to follow! :)

  • I debated getting one when I first heard about it and didn’t commit until very recently. Now I’m hooked!

  • Hi. My name is Rowena. I am a pinterest addict. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to. I pin ideas for my son’s birthday party. I pin things I want to eat for dinner. I pin outfits I’d like to wear and then try to fit my wardrobe into that. I pin art I’d love to have on my walls. I pin crafts and hacks I want to try. I get images that become paintings. I search images to research a thing i might like to paint, like Frida Kahlo or a punk girl. I love pinterest. And no this is not pinterest’s marketing department.

  • I’m another pinterest addict. For one, the users are great. Unlike tumblr, people seem to try their best to credit the photographers and original sources, and take kindly to being told who the photographer is. There’s so much great content. I’ve been moving most of my flickr favorites over to pinterest. I’ve yet to move the dog photos (that’ll take ages), but I love being able to organize everything!! I’m an organization nut and having to browse through dozens and dozens of pages on flickr to find one photo drives me crazy.

  • I just started using it and love keeping track of my finds and discovering news ones! I can’t wait to start using it for more specific ideas and events too.

  • I’m on pinterest too!

  • Oh, you have wonderful boards! I love, love love Pinterest. I have been known to gaze lovingly at my pins, thinking they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. But they are, because I chose them! That’s what makes it so perfect. Everyone’s boards are perfect in our eyes, because we create them – and of course everything we choose is just right…right?

    Anyways, my perfect (to me!) Pinterest is here:

  • It’s my daily addiction!

  • what beautiful boards, everyone! now following!

  • Oh goodness, I am so addicted to Pinterest! So glad you’re on there too!

  • i love pinterest! What a great way to find inspiration and categorize it!

  • I am a pinning addict. I’ve been using this site for several months now. You can now add Pintrest widgets to your blog! I’ve added it to mine.
    Come see my pins!

  • I’m loving your tips for Etsy~thank you so much! :) I’m loving Pinterest right about now. Can’t wait to check out all of the rest of these boards (from 2011! lol)

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