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when my dear friend amber posted this picture of some starfish she took during her recent visit to the oregon coast, it inspired me to share with you some of my own beachy finds. aren't these starfishies amazing? i love their colors so much- what a perfect trio!

beachy finds

since we live near the pacific coast now, i've found that one of my favorites things to do is stroll along the beach in search of unique finds. we don't have traditional sea shells on our beaches like i'm used to finding on the east coast, but rather some very interesting shapes and shells. the one above is my absolute favorite (my mom-in-law actually found this one). it's green on one side, and purple on the other. :)

beachy finds

beachy finds

beachy finds
so there's the start of my latest collection! i look forward to going back this weekend with my sister (who's coming to visit, yeah!) to look for some more unique finds. what have you recently started collecting?


  • You are so sweet! This totally surprised me, I love beachy finds :)

  • Starfish “come” in colors?

  • I have a lamp filled with sea shells that we have collected over the years on different beaches. I love looking at that lamp! Makes me feel good…

  • haha Maxine i totally feel you. i’ve never seen diff color starfish like that.. so pretty

    slash.. the 2nd to last photo.. is that a crab arm??

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