my favorite coffees

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my favorite coffees

my favorite coffees

my favorite coffees

my favorite coffees

my favorite coffees

you all know that i'm a coffee drinker, but my sweet hubbers is more like a coffee connoisseur. for his birthday this year, he asked for some jamaican blue mountain coffee, a particular kind of coffee that is only grown on one mountain in the entire world. currently, it's market value is about $50 per pound, so i thought ok, i can splurge on that, just this once (i think i bought this one). boy was THAT a mistake!! it was the i wasn't sure how we would go back to normal life after we finished the bag. back to bitter, dry or oily beans. i cringed at the thought. well after we finished our bag of pure bliss, we made it through a bag of some kind of ultra underwhelming beans and then to my surprise, found something surprisingly delicious. after visiting milwaukee wisconsin for a bike race, my mister brought home some nerve tonic coffee from the anodyne coffee roasting company located there. and i am very impressed! it works wonderfully in our espresso machine and is smooth, light and very possibly my new favorite. it will at least suffice until we are wealthy enough to live on jamaican blue mountain coffee (which will happen.. let's see.. never).

do you have a favorite coffee? anything you would highly recommend?

{photo credits: today is national coffee day, g'morning sleepy head, afternoon.break, coffee print, morning of a retired fireman


  • We order our coffee from Equal Exchange, a fair trade coffee distributor. Our favorite is Morning Blend but it’s a bit mild. We’ve run out of coffee before the new order has arrived I try to buy Rwandan Coffee, also a fair trade, distributed by Michigan State University here in East Lansing, MI.

  • Central America has the BEST coffee ever. I highly recommend buying coffee beans from Costa Rica, especially. I’ve never had better!
    I really want to try that Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. I’ve heard it’s really delicious.

  • My favorite coffee is Ruta Maya organic coffee which is shockingly only $13.99 for a 2 lb bag at Costco. Unfortunately when I have it I drink way too much coffee!!

  • these sound amazing! maybe we’ll explore some of these as well!

  • I love coffee too. I’d like to institute the afternoon tea or coffee break again. I love to sit down alone or with a friend when I can get a chance. My favorite coffee is Cambodian coffee, which I developed a taste for while I was there. It’s earthy and creamy and oh so good. I cant find it here. Although Vientamese coffee, which is much different and stronger is also one of my favorites.

  • I’m a coffee junkie, too. :) Love these photos. Have you heard of a blog called “simply breakfast” ( The gal posts delightful meals and their just-perfect accompanying mugs of coffee/tea and it’s beautiful. I go there every day to see the next one. I think you’d like it.

    • oh, jen that sounds lovely! off to check it out..

  • what kind of coffee is the 2nd to last picture?

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