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repotting plants

hi friends! this week, i've been busy re-potting some of my plants. getting some green going on in our new place was just about first on the list of importance. some of these are old while others are newly found, and almost all of the planters have been found or thrifted for.

a little bit of a green house is what i ended up with! it's one of my favorite places in the house. most of the new plants i've accumulated are succulents. i love them, becuase they come in so many varieties and are so easy to care for. just water twice a month and you should be good to go- now that's my kind of plant! here are some succulent inspired planters that i've enjoyed finding for you:


wearable planter necklace


modern planter box


elmer the elephant planter


book planter



  • How nice everything looks! I know you are having fun! I can’t wait to see more. Love you.

  • the book planter is such a good idea!!

    did you make that by any chance?

    • hi esther! thank you! no i didn’t make it, and it looks like that shop might not exist anymore? I had found it on etsy. :)

  • omg etsy is so cuuute
    thanks for the info :)

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