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inbox inquiry
hello, lovelies! today we have an inbox inquiry from katie henderson about organic hair care products. see my advice below and share your own advice in the comments section!

inbox inquiry

hi katie! i have curly, frizzy hair as well. AH! i have a few recommendations for you (see below) but more than just guide you to a specific product, i wanted to share with you a list of ingredients that i avoid at all costs. that way, you can take the list with you into the store and find several different products that you can feel good about purchasing and using!

below you'll find my pocket resource guide for which ingredients to avoid. you will be able to find products that are free from these ingredients, you'll just have to look for them. you can try at your local store, but a better bet would be to head to a health food store. but remember, just because it's in a health food store, doesn't mean it's good for you! always double check the ingredients. you can click on the picture below to download a pdf format, with three different sizes in it choose from. i just keep a copy in my wallet for easy access at the store!
ingredients to avoid

click to download the "ingredients to avoid" pocket guide! (you'll have three sizes to choose from.)

now, the discussion on ingredients in general, is a whole different topic in itself (of which we won't go into today), but you can either take my word for it, or research the following links to learn more:

-skin deep- a great website where you can enter an ingredient to learn more about it. they also have a wonderful what not to buy, a must read!
-body care from mother love
-organic consumers association

some of the products that i've found to 'fit the bill' have come from the companies listed below. however, you still need to double check the ingredients, as not all of the products from these companies necessarily apply.

-earth science
-burt's bees
-say yes to carrots

the best rule of thumb is to only purchase products that contain ingredients that:
a) you can pronounce
b) you would eat (you know like grapeseed oil, root extract, etc)

do you have any favorite organic (or otherwise responsible) hair products you like? do share in the comments section!


  • Bonnie! You always post things at the exact time I need them, it’s almost weird :)I am a fair skinned redhead. For the past 3 months I’ve had a rash around my nose/mouth. I went to my family doctor and was prescribed 2 creams… 1) in case it was bacterial and 2) in case it was fungal. BOTH made it incredibly worse. Yesterday I got to the point where I was miserable. It hurts, like a sunburn. So I went to the dermatologist (where I should have gone in the first place!!!) and I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. It’s definitely NOT bacterial or fungal and those medicines were making it much worse :( So, one of the major triggers is SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE which is in ALL of my ‘sensitive skin’ body washes! Another trigger is flouride in toothpaste. I’m sure I’ll have to switch to a more natural toothpaste, and I’m curious about how well they work. Any ideas? Thanks for your time, as always!

    • amy- sounds like we’re on the same wave length! :) it also sounds like some organics/all natural products are going to help you tremendously! make sure to check out skin deep, that way you can get a more inclusive list of what to watch for as well as check any ingredients you have questions about. i’m so excited for you!

    • hey amy! i forgot to address you t-paste question! i think they work great, they just always have quite the ‘baking soda taste’ to me. i like tom’s brand (like brittany said). let us know what you find!

      brittany- so glad you like it! if you’re into this stuff as well, i think you’ll love exploring the skin deep website. seriously juicy stuff on there, plus a rating system for just about every brand and product you can imagine!

  • Have you ever read the book Curly Girl? It’s transformed my hair, if I may be so dramatic! :) I have curly hair and don’t use any shampoo or conditioner at all – just rinse. My hair seems to be much healthier overall!

    I do use plenty of styling, which contain some of the to-be-avoided ingredients. :(

    Anyway, if you have frizzy, wavy, or curly hair, I would totally recommend the Curly Girl book – lots of great ideas for healthy hair in there, and even though it’s not really a book about “organic” hair care, much of the advice would fit right in!

    • carrie, this books sounds like just what i need! thanks for sharing!

  • Ok, so just sent me a coupon for 20% off of their organic products. I want a new body wash, shampoo and conditioner that smell good, not hippyish ;) What should I get?

    • hey linds! that awesome! i’m not familiar with, but i would enter the name of the company of the organic product you’re looking at in at skin deep and see what they have to say about each of their products (they have a great rating system with full list of ingredients). as long as you stay away from patchouli, i don’t think you’ll be smelling hippyish, haha. ;)

  • AMY, I’ve used Tom’s of Maine (a great company overall, I LOVE them!) toothpaste. My favorite is the Wicked Fresh one. It tastes great and feels really clean. They also make really awesome bar soap that does not contain SLS and makes your skin feel really good. I’ve had some bad experiences with natural toothpaste and have found that ToM one to be the best I’ve tried. Good luck!

    Bonnie, this is so awesome! I’m really glad you put this together. I am overall really aware of ingredients and what not to eat or put on my skin, but sometimes the good ingredients sound like they could be bad ingredients. Your little cheat sheet will come in so handy :)

  • Bonnie, my mom is really knowledgeable about this stuff (she’s where I get it from!) and showed me the EWG site before it was even called Skin Deep! I go to this site all the time, and particularly for sunscreen. I love the number ratings, they make it so simple to judge products.

  • Thanks for the toothpaste suggestions! I went to Earth Fare before I read this and got Nature’s Gate brand though :( If it’s wretched, I will go get some Tom’s!

    For a facial cleanser I chose Aubrey Organics sensitive line and for shampoo & conditioned I went with Everyday Shea. I’m curly/frizzy and it seemed like a good fit. I hope anyway. And the vanilla mint smells soooo refreshing!

  • … I’m going to research my buys on Skin Deep right now. I hope they are ok… fingers crossed!

  • I love a lot of Nature’s Gate products. I don’t remember if I’ve tried their toothpaste before though. I hope your new buys treat you well!

  • love this little pocket guide – thank you!
    and, one of my favorites from your list is say yes to carrots – it’s so readily available too!

  • I try to use organic “good for you” bath products when possible. I really like MOP (modern organic products) Mixed Greens shampoo so does the husband..Took us 3 years to find a shampoo we agreed on. Which was BIG since I’m kinda OCD about having to many containers in the shower! Great info as always Bonnie!

    • hey joanna! i’ve never heard of mixed greens shampoo! i’m always on the market, so i’ll have to try it!

  • Hi am a African girl who has 2 organic hair products that africans having been using for years to grow they hair and have never had dendruff … It makes hair extremely strong it doesn’t break .. One product is the shampoo and the other one is the hair food … To prevent scalp damage and to speed up hair growth ..please contact me if you interested ….

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