reusable food storage wraps

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is anyone else fed up with plastic wrap? every time i gently tear off a new piece it inevitably get's stuck to itself and i think to myself, 'is this really the best solution'?

reusable food storage wraps

i was so excited to run across these reusable food storage wraps in the latest issue of whole living. a new, less wasteful leftover-storage solution- finally! abeego's washable hemp-cotton squares use beeswax and plant extracts to cling to the edge of bowls and keep food fresh. genius!

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  • I love this idea! Sometimes I just go through so much cling wrap, after we have guests and all those leftovers. Brilliant!

  • I’m buying some today! Finally a good alternative to plastic wrap and sandwich bags.

    • sarah, wonderful!! enjoy!!

  • Sarah you’ll have to let us all know how they work! I’m a tad skeptical – would be awesome if they do work well!

  • So far they work really well. Have wrapped pizza and other leftovers in the abeego wraps, and have washed them with soap and water and they are as good as new!
    I bought the pink ones as well for my 6 year old’s lunches and they work just as well as zip lock bags. Hope this helps. :)

    • sarah, thanks so much for sharing! it’s so great to have a first hand review. :)

  • I’ve been using these for a few years now. They have stood the test of time in my kitchen. I used the little snack ones for lunches.

    • wonderful to hear dana, thank you for sharing!

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