the top 30 super foods

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something i've been particularly interested in lately are super foods. what are the healthiest ingredients on our planet? what foods will give me the most nutritional value possible? i've read up on the subject and done a fair amount of research, and though there are no clear cut lists, the ones you'll find below are what i found to be the most agreed upon ingredients.

the top 30 super foods

eaten regularly, the following foods will help prevent cancer, ward off heart disease, boost your immunity and slow aging.

1. acai

2. almonds

3. avocados

4. blueberries

5. bok choy

6. broccoli

7. cantaloupe

8. cocoa

9. cranberries

10. flaxseed

11. garlic

12. ginger

13. honey

14. kale

15. lentils

16. oats

17. olive oil

18. onions

19. oranges

20. pomegranate

21. pumpkins (and acorn or butternut squash)

22. soy (tofu, tempeh, soy beans)

23. spices: cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, paprika, cayenne pepper and rosemary.

24. spinach

25. sweet potatoes

26. tea (green or black)

27. tomatoes

28. walnuts

29. wheat germ

30. quinoa

want more? honorable mentions were: artichokes, asparagus, beets, bell peppers, chicory, cherries & watercress.

my new goal is to put all these ingredients on my weekly shopping list. i can down these ingredients, no problem! what do you think? if any of them are new to you or you have questions about how to prepare them, feel free to ask in the comments section or explore the resources below. happy living!

resources: belly bytes, 30 power foods, dr. oz


  • I love most of the things on this list. But I am very unfamiliar with quinoa. I’ve been hearing about it A LOT recently. But, I honestly have no idea what it is or how to prepare it

    • hi amy! i basically use quinoa anywhere i would use rice or couscous. it’s got a mild, fluffy texture/taste and is so good for you! 1/2 cup has 5 grams of protein (more than any other grain), iron, riboflavin and magnesium. though most boxed quinoa has already been rinsed if you buy it in bulk, make sure to soak it in water for a few hours before using it and then rinse it off (to remove the saponins which make it slightly bitter). to cook it, heat 2 parts water to 1 part quinoa and boil it for 14-18 mins. yum yum!

      p.s. google search it for some quick images so you know what to look for at the store- most likely near the couscous/rice.

  • I have been trying to eat better and didn’t know most of stuff I had been getting was on this list!! YAY!! I’m going to have to print it and carry with me when I go shopping.

    • hillary- horay for you! i was pleasantly surprised as well! but, i need to start adding more pomegranate, wheat germ, green tea and bok choy to my list. :)

  • amy – so funny, about a month ago I said the same thing – been hearing a lot about quinoa! did you know it is pronounced “keen wa” or “kee no wa”?! anyway…I just bought some and have a few recipes I am going to try out! bonnie – if they are yummy I will pass them on to you in case you want to post them!

  • ha ha – bonnie must have posted while I was typing :)

  • well, this is good timing! we had quinoa for the first time last night….delicious and so easy to cook. after cooking as bonnie described, i added a little bit of olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice and cracked pepper. so easy. then added steamed chicken, avocado, tomatoes and parsley. served with a natural yoghurt and mint raita on the side. yummo. even my cous cous hating husband raved about it! i’m like hillary, going to take this list shopping. thanks bonnie!

    • mel, i tried your recipe last night! i added turmeric to the mix (yum) and skipped the chicken- it was so good!

  • Jes, for a long time I thought it was pronounced “Kee-no-wa” but then one day I heard “keen-wa” on the radio and I had a DOH! moment :)

    Bonnie, I am a huuuuge rice & couscous fan… so I’m going to have to try this out soon. YAY for protein! And, PS: I’ve had an awesome artificial sweetener free 2 weeks! My appetite has dramatically decreased, among other things. So exciting. THANKS!

    • amy- YEAH! so excited to hear your progress- keep us posted!!

      mel- going to have to try that recipe, sounds yummy!

      jes- yes, please send them over!! so excited!

  • i actually read a similar article in real simple magazine and since, i’ve been trying to incorporate these healthy foods into my diet (including a bunch on this list). slowly but surely, i’ve been able to do it! this week, i’ve bought greek yogurt and found that i don’t miss sugary blended yogurt. next, i’d like to get into drinking more green tea.

    great post, bonnie!

  • Make kale chips
    Wash then pat dry
    Spay with olive oil and a little sea salt
    Cook in oven till crisp
    Dont burn tnem like i alwas do
    They are delecious

  • I’ll take this to the grocery store, too! I’m going to try quinoa first! I’ve got about one more serving of the delicious kale you cooked for me, Bonnie. That will be gone at lunch! In case any of you are wondering, Bonnie is really a wonderful cook. When I’d go to her house at supper time it always smelled incredible.

  • Thank you for these! I LOVE super foods! I think I should make some artwork to hang in kitchens including all of these super foods :) What do you think?

    Love ya, Bon!

    • oh katie, YES! i’ll be the first to buy it. ;)

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