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shop bonnie christine

eee! today i'm so excited to share with you my new baby shop: sweet bonnie christine. some of you might know that i've been on a journey of pattern making for quite a while now and i can't tell you how happy i am to finally share them with you!

shop bonnie christine

sweet bonnie christine is all about pretty patterned paper goods that showcase golden hues and joyful motifs. you'll find greeting cards, prints and card sets (with more fun things in the works).

i'm also excited to officially share with you my new pattern website, bonnie christine. won't you join me for this journey of nature walks, poppy pods and wonderment? :)


  • Congratulations, Bonnie!! Love your shop, I am sure it’s going to be a hit. xx

  • So lovely Bonnie! Congrats!

  • It’s really good! Beautiful!

  • How wonderful!! Looks fantastic, Bonnie :) Everything is so beautiful!

  • oh, bonnie – your designs are lovely! the new shop and website are fabulous – you have such talent!

  • Bonnie I’m so excited for you!!! These are lovely patterns and textures and I think this is going to be a wonderful new adventure for you!!!

  • Congratulations Bonnie!!!!!! I love your style!

  • YAY!!!! I took a quick look and your patterns are AMAZING. You are such an inspiration to myself and I know all of your readers. I’m so excited for you new venture. I’m coming back to purchase later!

  • Bonnie!! These are amazing!!! I know you have just opened your new shop, but I’m already wondering if you do wholesale orders? I opened up a little shop in Greenville, SC last year, and I would love, love, love to carry your gorgeous cards there! Either way, I’m heading over to buy some for myself right now!

    Congratulations on this awesome new adventure!

    Jess Sharp (hawleywood at the Indie Craft Parade)

  • You are amazing Bonnie!!:)

  • So sweet! Good luck!

  • Gorgeous! I love the framed patterned paper, something I’ll have to keep in mind as I start decorating our new digs. :)

    • you guys are all so amazing, wonderful, sweet and encouraging! seriously love you.

  • These are GORGEOUS!!!!!! I would love to feature your shop on my “sweet finds” post next Thursday?!

    • oh my, emily- i would be honored!! :)

  • Amazing Bonnie! Your work is beautiful, just as your blog! Congrats on a new direction! You just keep amazing! Will you head towards fabric design…something to think about! I’m excited to share a special post I’m working on and hope to have out in the next few weeks, featuring a sweet vintage playhouse we build and designed! Will keep you posted! xoxo

    • thank you so much ami! great minds think alike. :) can’t wait to see your post!

  • These are gorgeous!!! Congrats

  • Bonnie, these are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations–I’m off to check the rest of it out!!!

  • Yay! I’m so, so excited about your shop. Loving the honeycomb cards a lot :)

  • Congratulations – love it!!! ive hearted you as a favourite!

  • So beautiful! Congrats on your new patch! x

  • I love the new shop. Everything you do is so beautiful! Have a blessed day, Gabreial

  • The shop and website look amazing; you’re so talented!

  • Hooray! These are really beautiful. Like a sunny afternoon tea, with just enough honey.

  • LOVE your new shop.

  • Absolutely love your shop! Can’t wait to buy up some pretty paper goods to write notes to my girlfriends.

    Also, I featured your artwork from the shop on my blog today, just so everyone else would know about your fabulous work:

  • Wow! Congratulations Bonnie! Not sure how you find the time, but glad you do because your passion shows through in these cheerful designs!

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