my day to day routine

| bonnie forkner

*i would like to first say this morning that my sincere thoughts and prayers are with everyone who are dealing with the aftereffects of storm sandy. i hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound!

i've always loved learning about other people's routines. the way we each go about our day to day activities is so interesting to me and i love getting inspired by other's customs, schedules and format to their day.

my day to day routine

i especially enjoy learning about the routines of people that are self employed, creative or work from home. working from home is definitely a blessing, but it also comes with an immense amount of freedom, which means it requires a huge amount of discipline. at times, it can be really hard to stay focused, motivated and productive!

so today i thought i would share with you my normal day to day routine. i am definitely a creature of habit (so is david), so my daily do's stay pretty consistent.

6:30am: david wakes up and i begin to rustle. i usually stay in bed while i can hear him showering. the first thing i lay my eyes on is the 'verse of the day' on my youversion bible app. then i take 15 minutes or so to wake up, glance at my e-mails and see what's going on in the universe (still in bed).

6:45: feet hit the floor and the first thing i do is have some water and an emergen-c (just a daily habit) while i fix my first cup of coffee.

6:45-7:15: take time to sip on my cup of coffee (fixed with local honey and coconut creamer) while i read my daily bible plan, again on the youversion app. starting my day with some reading really grounds and inspires me, and gives me a fresh beginning each morning!

my day to day routine

7:15-7:45: feed and walk toaster, do a few odd jobs around the house, and help david get out the door for work.

7:45-8:00: take david to work (we're a one car family). even toaster comes along for the ride!

8:00-9:30: check on the day's scheduled posts and share them via social media. play catch up on comments etc and start working on the next day's posts.

my day to day routine

9:30: 2nd cup of coffee.

9:45-11:00: finish up and schedule the next day's posts and start answering e-mails for the day. i don't get them all answered every day, but i try to respond to each of them within 2-4 days-ish.

11:00-1:00: 2 or 3 days a week a friend and i get together for a run that usually lasts about an hour and a half. on days that we don't run, i use this time to get creative, photograph projects and edit the photos.

1:00-3:00: i usually set a part this time to work on things related to designing. this includes sketching, photographing inspirations and working with patterns directly in illustrator.

3:00: fix a smoothie to sip on for the afternoon. my favorite combo is carrot juice, coconut water, frozen berries and a scoop of amazing grass.

my day to day routine

3:15-5:00: check in on the day's blog posts and answer any comments or questions regarding it. answer any urgent emails and use the remaining time to work on the materials and newsletter going out that friday for the roost tribe, which usually takes about 7-10 hours a week.

5:00-5:30: clean up the house and get dinner started.

5:30: grab toaster and go pick up david from work (unless he's ridden his bike home!).

6:00: eat dinner (yes, we eat this early!)

my day to day routine

7:00-9:00: computer is off and we use this time to focus on each other. it's time usually just spent on the sofa, but it's sacred and special, even if we're just curled up watching a movie together.

9:00: bedtime. (i know, we're old!)

do you have a favorite part of your day? if so, what is it?


  • beautiful routine. I will know start working at home and my routine will change drastically. We are moving to another city and many changes are expected. I don’t know whether I will manage to get really disciplined. I will start taking care of my body, walk my pretty dogs and cook nicely everyday. Hope it will work.
    Love your cooking, things you eat and your go-to-bed-early habit! We are exactly so too!
    Nice idea to describe your routine in your blog. I’ll do it too. Don’t know why but people are curious about these things.
    Tell me one thing; Can you make a living of all this? It’s great!!!
    (I am a translator and I don’t know whether I will be able to live on that as a freelancer).

    • hey mariana! thank you for you kind words! and yes, you can definitely make a living at this, but it took me time and support from my husband to succeed. i believe you can make a living at anything you love and put your mind to!

  • I also really love reading stuff like this by other women who work from home like I do. I should do this and more of you should as well on your blog :) I love how you start your day with religion and put it through your day. I am Muslim but I feel like I have got off track lately just do a busy schedule which is no excuse.

  • Isn’t it interesting how intrigued we are about other people’s daily lives! I really enjoyed this little glimpse. I think it’s awesome that you’re able to break up your schedule to work for you (I.e. your midday run)

    P.S. I love your iPad case! Where is it from?

  • I love this bonnie! I always love reading about other’s day to day lives. Yours is a beautiful routine and one that has inspired me to “get back into the swing of things” as soon as our current move is over.

  • Sounds like a great day, very productive and I love that you start each day with a verse of the day! Also,I LOVE your iPad cover! Where did you get it?

  • Thanks for sharing your routine with us. there’s something about a well-planned day that makes me smile!

  • YouVersion’s reading plans are the best! Adoring the pantone swatches and the gorgeous iPad cover! Someday I dream of the hubby and I spending two hours together in the evening but it’s so hard with us both working and designing from home. Someday!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve also always been really interested in learning about how other people who work-from-home spend their day. ^__^

  • Bonnie, all us in North Carolina are so proud of you. I really love your web site, it is so you. Your Mom is pretty special too!

  • I’m so glad you shared this! As a fellow blogger who works from home, I loved reading your routine. Mine is fairly similar, though definitely still in the works. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I’ll probably never get it just right, haha. Nonetheless, this post was inspiring! xo

  • I clearly need to step up my game! :) My favorite part of the day is TV time, where we can just hang out with each other and not worry about anything else for a couple hours. It’s wonderful!

  • I LOVE having a routine. While I don’t work from home, my evening routine is divided up into little bits like your day, and it brings me such joy (I’m a nerd, I know!).

    Also, did you get your coffee cup in Italy? I have one almost identical to it and I got it on my last trip there :)

    • hey natalie! actually a friend gave it to me but i know she got it from a boutique in santa barbara. but maybe THEY got it from italy? either way, i feel that it’s really cool now. :)

  • I love reading these types of posts too :) It’s so awesome that you start your day with reading, that’s a really good idea. And having the computer turned off early, that’s something I’d like to work on.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this, Bonnie! Right now I’m in a great-for-now career, but it’s my dream to work for myself at home. This weekend, I spent some time visualizing what my “ideal day” would look like in that dream. You were in the back of my mind because you mentioned before in Roost Tribe (yay Roost Tribe!) how important it is to be self-disciplined when you have sooo much freedom. I love how today’s post elaborated on that! Thanks again!


  • First I have to say I love your blog, I love the design and the concept. I start each morning by enjoying writing blog posts while I’m still relaxing in my bed, then it gets on to doing my uni work, especially at the moment with lots of exams.
    Then afternoon time is mine to relax, I like to read a book, lie down for a bit, it calms me and helps with stress.
    As a uni student I’m really lucky and have a relaxing, schedule to work with. But I also make it important to live that way.

  • I love reading about other people’s routine also! I’ve been working at home for several months now and it turned out to be a wonderful thing — not as bad as I thought! I initially worried that it would not work out for me but thank goodness it did. Perfect job for introverts, I must say.

    Quiet days are love.

  • Love your routine, Bonnie! :) Thank you for sharing the Bible App. I read it everyday when I wake up, but having it on my phone is going to be much better.

  • fun hearing about your routine … mine is a bit more haphazard with my 4 kiddos, and it’s always a work in progress to get our schedule “just right” ;) love that you start your day in the Word.

  • I am always interested in reading about others that work at home, too! While I don’t work for myself, I work a shift that has a lot of free time. The only way I can describe it to people is having the ability to do everything I’ve always wanted to do and never had time for. :) The best part of my day is waking up in the late afternoon to fix a healthy dinner for my husband and kids as they spill through the door with stories of their days..

  • bonnie- this is so inspiring to me! I love hearing how other people stay focused while working, or their routines. I aim to be working from home in the near future, and it’s inspring to me to see that you’ve done it! I’m jealous you get to drive david to and from work everyday. We used to do that when we lived in colorado springs, but our lives are just too busy now. We broke down and got david a little suburu when we left colorado, but most days he rides his bike to work:)

  • I work from home too and my day is nowhere near this organized! Sure, I start off with a very organized list of ‘to-do’s’ & pledge to do them in order the night before, but I usually wake up late and hop around the list, doing the things I like to do first and leaving other things as long as possible. BUT I’ve only been at this for a little over a month and I always feel so much better when I’ve accomplished the things I don’t want to do as much so hopefully I’ll catch on eventually. :)

  • Thanks for sharing Bonnie! I am also really interested in how other folks organize their lives, especially us creative types. I’ve recently become fully self-employed, and I definitely struggle with finding a balance between work and play. It’s nice to know how others do it successfully.

  • I really wish I had a routine like this! It’s hard to have order with a 1 1/2 year old. I would certainly feel more relaxed and productive if I lived by one. I’m also jealous of your 9 o’clock bedtime…

  • Thank you for sharing your routine! I appreciate the recommend of youVersion ~ it has now started to become a part of my daily routine as well and is so handy! Thank you for that! For me it was also fun to see that you run with a friend during your week … I wish I could join you! :)

  • Hi Bonnie!
    Finally catching up on your blog some. I’ve been absent from the Blogging world this past month. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about your daily routine. It’s so interesting learning how others live. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life! Look forward to learning your routine in North Carolina :) Wishing you all the best!

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