my homeland: the great smoky mountains

| bonnie forkner

my homeland

some of you might know that i spent nearly the last month back east with my family in north carolina. my sweets went for work, i went to catch up with family and soak in the beautiful scenery. i'm so in love with the area, i just wanted to share a few of the snapshots i took while we were there! (pssst.. feel free to click on the image above if you would like to download it!)

wide open spaces



  • So beautiful! If only I had more money and time this would be on the top of my travel list.

  • Where in the smokies are you from? I went to school in NC and have spent almost half my life up there! I usually go to the Boone/Blowing Rock area.

  • I love NC… my husband and I go at least a two times a year. The plan is to move there eventually. :) Do you mind sharing this where beautiful location is? We are always looking for new hikes and spots to check out.

    • jennie, sure! we live about an hour west of asheville in a small town called franklin. this spot is called ‘pickens nose’- hehe!

  • your pictures are making me homesick, I’m from that area too, but living out in California (Los Angeles). I’m hoping to go back in July to see family.
    Also I love your Going Home to Roost. I dont have anything to roost right now, but I always come because I love your ideas and what you always thoughtfully put forth here. : )

  • GORGEOUS shots!! I am in love with the mountains after spending the weekend in Boulder.

  • (: I lived in asheville/black mountain for the last few years up until last October…miss it so deeply! This post makes me want to cry a bit.

  • Bonnie, I have been reading your blog for a while and I love it so! I have tried to figure out where you are from as you have referenced living ‘near’ Asheville many times. This is the first time I see that you lived in Franklin. I live in Sylva!! I am in Franklin several times a month {my daughter plays volleyball, basketball, and track for Smoky Mountain and we play against Franklin} I can’t believe that you were that close!!!

  • Simply breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

  • I am a little late in catching up on blog posts as you can see! My dream is to move to North Carolina… :) I have lived in Seattle my entire life…it looks so magical here!

  • We have a cabin in Maggie Valley, NC and go once a year! So wish we could live up there, maybe one day :) It’s so nice to go and get away from it all!!!

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