• hi Bonnie! my blog is brand spankin’ new as of yesterday – I think you read my mind and knew exactly what I needed. I’m so excited for this to begin! thanks for all you do.

  • Love this!! Can’t wait for September’s content! :) Especially looking forward to the Illustrator tutorial, recipe, and your story!! :) So pumped!!

  • count me in!! can’t wait. :)

  • Hi Bonnie!
    I’ve just signed up & am really looking forward to being “a part of the Roost Tribe”! So happy for your new adventure – Thank you for sharing your story, tutorials, some of your lovely prints and other stuff :-)

  • Thank you so much Bonnie!
    I’m in! I am so exited for this content. I just started my blog a few days ago, so I am really looking forward for all the help I can find here :) much love from Costa Rica! Tati.

  • Just signed up! Hope I’m one of the 1st 100 to do so, I really want a print!

  • Really excited about this, Bonnie. Just signed up! I hope that lots of others join the tribe and that this is really successful for you!

  • Signed up and I’m loving what I received so far! Can’t wait for more.

  • I ‘would like so much, but I don’t understand english so good.
    It’s a shame than in France, we haven’t this .

  • i really like your eye for design graphics! Xx

  • i have a dumb question; will the paypal charge be $5 x12 (one payment) for the year or ongoing (oepn) past 1 year? thanks! i really want to get in on this and love your style!

    • hey nicky!

      no question is a dumb one! :) the paypal subscription will charge you $5 a month for as long as you’re a member, but you can opt out at any time (it’s super easy, details are on the FAQ page). does that help answer your question?


  • I Love it! I just signed!

  • Hi Bonnie, Just signed up, I have been admiring your website for a while now, and it’s time to start my own. Wanted to know how you came up with the name of your blog?

    • hi jobelle! it was a combination of my love for homesteading and homemaking. i love nesting in my home and doing the things that i love- i call it roosting. :)

  • all signed up!

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