turn your hand lettering into vectors + wacom tablet tutorial

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turn your hand lettering into vectors + wacom tablet tutorial

these are the topics i get asked about the most:

1) how do you use a pen tablet?
2) how do you turn your hand lettering into vectors?

well since i couldn't live without my wacom tablet and think using my handwriting for projects and posts is possibly the most fun thing EVER, i'm really excited to share this pair of tutorials with the roost tribe this week!

in the first tutorial, i'll cover what type of pen tablet is best, how to use one and what options and settings we have in adobe illustrator.

in the second tutorial, i'll be covering three ways in which to turn your hand lettering into vectors, how to play with colors and patterns, and how to save the file to best use on the web. you'll also learn how to do it both with and without a scanner.

sound interesting? tutorials will be sent out this friday (10.19) to the roost tribe. you can find out more information on the tribe and learn how to join here! **don't have illustrator? adobe offers a free 30 day trial. you can check it out here!


  • Oh I can not wait for this one. I use PS for everything and need to learn how to use I. I have a wacom tablet but I have not found my mojo with it yet. I can not wait to get your tutorials. What brushes, etc do you use to get the perfect look? Mine always seem to thick.

  • Cant wait for this! I have wanted a wacom tablet for a while now but really have no idea how to use them :)


  • Learn something new everyday. I didn’t know something like this existed.


  • I look forward to reading it

  • I just found this and want to learn about the wacom tablet and how to turn hand lettering into vectors. If I sign up how do I get this info? Do you have links to send me? Is this still available? Thanks so much.

    • hey jackie! all ‘past issues’ are available for $10 which gives you everything from the entire month (see everything from that month here). you don’t have to sign up to purchase it, but you get lots of other goodies if you do, and a whole big family to boot! ;)

  • Ok I want to get it. Do I just click the “sign up here” at the bottom? I just want to make sure I get this months. THanks so much.

    • hey jackie! you can either sign up to receive all future content and/or just purchase a past ‘issue’ (month) for $10. i’ll email you the details!

  • Hey Bonnie! I’m interested in purchasing a past issue, too! I just joined the Tribe but want some goodies you offered in the past. Could you message me the details, please? Also, when will I receive January’s goodies? So excited!! Thank you! :)

  • Hi! – I really really would like to get this tutorial! I have signed up but please can you let me know what I can do to receive this one too? MANY THANKS! Nix

    • hey nix! sure thing! some of the tutorials are available through my etsy shop (link below) but all of them are available to purchase. just email me which ones you’d like!



  • Hi Bonnie!!
    What Wacom board are you using? I’m looking into buying one, and know that some are more expensive than others, but want to find a happy medium between a great product at an affordable price.
    Thanks so much!

    • hey lindsey! i just bought the largest intuos pro i could afford. :) i love it!

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