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i first got inspired to order some miniature bottle brush trees after seeing this pretty project from jeni baker over at in color order. with full intentions of bleaching them, then dying them pink and green. however, i had to stop half way through the process!

you see, my theme for christmas this year is white, white, white. actually, it's the theme for the whole house! i love how sweet, simple and clean it looks. after i finished bleaching these little trees white, i fell in love with them and the winter wonderland they created. just look:

DIY white christmas trees





i think they're so pretty and just darling as a center piece. here's how i did it:


first, you'll have to get your hands on some mini bottle brush trees. your local craft store should carry them but if not, you can find them here or here.

diy bottle brush trees

second, all you have to do is let them soak in a bath of warm water and a little bleach (i used 3 capfulls in my sink). the color begins to fade almost instantly. i let mine soak for a few hours until they were completely white, then i simply rinsed them and set them upright on a paper towel to dry overnight.

if you're only making white trees, then you're done!

diy dyed bottle brush trees

HOWEVER, if you'd like to dye your trees into a dreamy color combo like these beauties from jeni baker, then you're half way there! my mom ended up making some pink ones of her own, and the process is really simple. all you need is some rit dye! here's the how to:

to dye your bottle brush trees:

step one: bleach your trees, following the instructions above.

step two: combine your desired amount of rit dye and warm water in a glass bowl (follow package instructions), and let your tree soak. just keep an eye on the color and remove the tree when you're happy with it. leaving it in longer will make the color darker or richer.

step three: remove the tree from the dye and rinse with cold water. set on a paper towel to dry.

step four: if you want to add a little bit of extra sparkle (like jeni did), add some glitter using a glitter pen, or glue and loose glitter.

have fun!


  • I am in love with bottle brushes tied to little vintage cars and trucks with baker twine. Love your forest!

  • yea! I love mine!

  • gorgeous bonnie!

  • I dyed a bunch of trees pink and teal last Christmas. I love them and reused the pink ones this year. My only comment about the process is that some of the centers rusted a little a leached out onto the tree. As for the glitter I found that spray glitter in a can worked best!

    With your white forest I like how ghostly they seem as if they are almost transparent.

  • So cute! I’ve had plans of making some DIY snow globes with mason jars for easy gifts, but I might have to implement this extra step into the process. Thanks for the idea, Bonnie!

  • Those are really sweet!

  • Those are so cool!q

  • I have some white trees that I bought after Christmas on major sale!!! I assume that I could skip the bleaching step?
    What are your thoughts?

    • hey donna! yup, i bet you can just skip that step! xo

  • I’m hooked. I’ve just retired & have been making these trees daily. They come out absolutely beautiful and I’m always looking for new ideas. Diamond Dust is the best and I discovered Krylon Glitterblast to spray on the trees after they are glittered. It really helps with the shedding of sparkles.

  • I followed your instructions and they haven’t turned white. I used bleach that I normally use for the laundry…Any suggestions? Thanks -Megan-

    • hey megan! hmm, it sounds like you’re using the correct bleach! maybe it’s the type of bottle brush trees?

  • so very pretty!

  • I am making this to add them to my mini paper houses… so cute!

  • Hi Jenny, I bought the green trees and have some Mason Jars also. I will try tomorrow to bleach them. I have an idea, what if I put the christmas trees upside down on the bleach one by one and take them out, that way they wont rust because you let them for to long in the bleach? Thanks for sharing your talent. Merry Christmas!!

  • I have been trying this project for tears what am I doing wrong? i put my little trees in bleach water exactly like you said three hours later they were still green then I tried in pure straight bleach and nothing how do you get them to turn white.?Susie

    • hi susie! oh no! i’m not sure what could be going on, maybe you’re using a different kind of tree? mine turned in just a few minutes. :(

  • I have made hundreds of these trees and they are a big hit with all I give them to. The tree that dye the best are the ones I buy at Hobby Lobby. I cut the top off a 2-liter bottle of soda, put in half hot water & half bleach. The trees turn creamy white in minutes. Rinse them off well with cool water. If you need any further help, you can private e-mail me. The hard brissly trees do not bleach well. The ones at Michaels bleach well also (Lemax brand). Good luck.

    • excellent advice, thanks for chiming in, barbara!

  • I know it’s after Christmas but I’m trying to still find bottle brush trees I especially want several
    12-14 inch ones I’ve tried dept 56 but they arrived crushed and they were the small ones
    Been on several we’d sites but they are 20.00 each looking for some a little cheaper want to decorate them like I’ve seen on pinterest any suggestions? Thanks

    • hey nancy! i’ve found them at michaels and hobby lobby, but not that large. :/ best of luck!

  • I found 12″ Darice green sisal trees from Factory Direct Crafts online. They came packaged beautifully. However, I have been unable to get them bleached! I started using a 50/50 bleach/water solution. After several hours, I tried 100% bleach. Still nothing after 2 hours. So frustrating. Any suggestions?

  • Some of my green bottle brush trees turned brown in my curio cabinet. Can I repaint them green. They are glued down and cannot be removed

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