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i've been wanting to make my own bunting banner ever since they became popular (so what is that.. like 2 years?), and this weekend i finally made it happen! it only took a couple of hours, and now i have several yards of bunting to pull out for birthdays, craft shows and special occasions. i'm sure there are tutorials all over the web, but this is just how i went about it. i also left the edges unfinished intentionally, so that as they fray the banner will get a vintage, shabby chic look. (you could also finish the flags and turn them before you insert them into your binding, using this same technique, if you prefer.)

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diy bunting banner

i think with the addition of a few clear globe lights ($12.99 from target), the space really feels cozy and romantic. hooray!


  • That is a beautiful bunting banner! It just looks perfect and your tutorial is wonderful!

  • Very pretty. But don’t they fray?

    • hi wendy! oh, thanks for asking! i forgot to mention in the post (now revised) that i intentionally left my edges raw, to give it a vintage, shabby chic feel. however, you could always finish the edges first! i.e. after step 5, you would put the triangles right side together, stitch along the 2 long sides and then turn it right side out and press. then continue with step 6 by inserting each piece into the binding. does that help?

  • I think that’s the beauty of this technique…if they fray they will only be prettier!

  • whenever you and David decide to move back to NC let me know so I can move in to your home there! :) I’d never want to leave! xo

  • love it!

  • So cute!! I absolutely adore your lil outside retreat :) Those hammocks are calling my name….

  • Hi Bonnie! wow! I love your banner!!! and I love your porche too! beautiful with all those lights!
    I already posted about “going vegan”… this is the copy of my post (I translated your 20 reasons into Spanish -I am actually a translator!)… thanks for sharing so many lovely things .. I am glad I discovered your site! Thanks!

    My entry:

    • hi mariana! i just wanted to say thank you so much for posting about going vegan, it means so much! xox

  • They are really really nice, and would make any summer catherine look like a million! Have a wondeful day.

  • So festive and pretty! It compliments your view (which is so spectacular, oh my goodness!) just perfectly.

  • so pretty with the lights!
    not sure I will ever get tired of bunting :)

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