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i'm thinking this idea might mean a run to the thrift store. though these superior servers are available for sale (and appropriate for everyday use), i'm thinking a diy version could make for some unusually beautiful kitchen art. what do you think? framed, strung or even bunched in a canister- i think this would be an easy way to add a classy splash of color to your kitchen!


  • I love these, Bonnie! I could totally see them some how attached individually to a wall, like sculpture. Awesome idea!

  • I love pretty much anything ordinary turned colorful!

  • I am feeling so inspired! I can make my janky silverware the same color as the bright blue chairs I painted in my kitchen. Love it!

  • I love these! Question, how do they attach to the wall?

    • natalie, the above is just a product picture from the superior servers (they are probably laying on a flat surface) so you’ll have to get creative on how to hang them. maybe double sided sticky squares, or even hanging them with fishing line? good luck!

  • Reminds me very much of Christine Misiak’s tea sets

  • Bonnie, it’s perfect for your sense of style. it’s got that country kitchen sort of look. I could see them in a frame too, and maybe mix in a few larger utensils. You might even be able to use them in the right situation (functional art!).

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