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pin your places

some of you might know, we travel a lot. we've moved every year since we've been married (that's 5!) and have made it clear across the country. when i saw this u.s. cork board project over at yellow brick home, i thought it would be such a cute way to log our travels!

pin your places

it also instantly reminded me of this map on my iphone. as we drove home (yup, from california to north carolina) for Christmas, my iphone took note of where i took pictures- represented here by the pins!

pin your places

different pins can mean different things, like where you've lived, where you've travled and maybe where you would like to travel! and, i think these twig thumb tacks would make it especially adorable. :) visit yellow brick house for the diy instructions!


  • How awesome!! I’d love to do something like this – Thank you for sharing!

  • First of all, I absolutely love those furry paws! What a beautiful Golden you have!
    Also, I have an iPhone, can you tell me what sight you got that map with the push pins from? I’d appreciate it – thank you!

    • hi claire! on your iphone go to pictures > then places at the bottom right. it will show you the map! xox

  • this is an excellent idea!

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