planted mugs + printable tags

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planted mugs + printable tags

printable plant tags

yesterday, i was so inspired after seeing these planted mugs over on design*sponge, that i decided to make some myself, as well as design some gift tags to go along with them! i was looking for a gift idea that was sweet, affordable and memorable - and voila. thanks design*sponge!

planted mugs + printable tags

each planted mug only cost me $6 to make (can i get a woot woot?!). here's what you need:


- any type of mug - i grabbed mine from target for $3 a piece
- small plants to fit inside - i got mine from lowes for $2.98 a plant
- a few pebbles or rocks (you can usually just find some outside!)


first fill the bottom of each mug with a few pebbles, then simply place your plant in the mug and pack down the dirt around it. you may find it helpful to loosen the roots before you insert the plant.

planted mugs + printable tags

planted mugs + printable tags

planted mugs + printable tags

another nice touch is to add a gift tag and a small bag of your favorite coffee, tea or mulling spices. i went ahead and made these tags a printable for you, so you can use them as well! just fill out the back with the plant instructions so that the recipient will know how to take care of the plant. i punched a hole in the tea bag and tag and tied it up onto a twig (stuck in the soil) using baker's twine.

planted mugs + printable tags


just click on the image above to download and print these gift tags to go along with your planted mugs. have fun!


  • What a lovely idea! I have a few plants in tea cups at home – a spider plant that I’ve trimmed and am helping root, and some hens and chicks taken from my garden. They’re cute! I’ve also been thinking of planting a few smaller plants in re-purposed mason jars! :)

  • This is so adorable! I have some white mugs to do this and I especially love your tags and how they are attached. :)


  • So creative as usual! Happy holidays to you and yours. :)

  • Love this idea Bonnie. I pinned it under my “secret” gift board;)

  • You saved me! I have two special families that I could not think of a gift for…this will be perfect! Thank you!

  • So beautiful!

  • Thank you for this idea! A co-worker and I were trying to come up with gifts for our children’s teachers and this worked perfectly!

  • I just started using chipped or slightly broken mugs as containers for my orchid plants earlier this year too. Your planted mugs are just lovely and what a nice gift idea!

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