freebie! vintage floral wrap around mailing label

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printable freebie: vintage sheet wrap around mailing label

just the cutest, right? vanessa over at lbg studio created these by scanning in scraps of vintage fabric and adding a few address boxes. there's something about the fact that they wrap around that i find incredibly darling, almost like a new scarf for a favorite outfit!

printable freebie: vintage sheet wrap around mailing label head on over to lbg studio to get the free download- soon you'll have the cutest envelopes in the neighborhood!


  • Super cute! That is such a genius idea to scan vintage fabric! I will have to try these wraps out. :-) Thanks!!

  • So darling!! I love these… This might be a silly question but what are you supposed to write in the box on the left?

    • hey lauren! i believe that’s where the return address goes- usps allows it to be on the back as well!

  • Hi! Thanks so much for sharing. And yes, the little box on the left is for the return address :) You could also cut the labels apart if you’d prefer both boxes on the front of the envelope.

    • hi vanessa! thanks so much for popping over- and thanks for such a great download! :)

  • Love it, thanks so much!

  • How pretty! Yay for free pretty things!

    – Sarah

  • Totally unique stuff is here really amazing!!!

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