november desktop calendar

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november desktop calendar

november is here! november is here! it's always a special month to me- fall colors are vibrant and i get to begin the process of hibernating. it also means big changes for us this year (more on that later) which i'm very excited about. this month's desktop calendar is inspired by fall foliage and darker evenings, crisp mornings and my favorite color.

november desktop calendar

to download: click on the image above, then select your preferred size (most likely, ‘original’). right click and select ‘save as desktop background’.

please note: all images and elements © bonnie christine. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog (i’d be flattered!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file. thank you!


  • Got it up at work! Thanks, bonnie!

  • Thanks! I discovered your calendar last month and love your designs :)

  • I look forward to my new calendar every month! Thank you!

  • Thanks for the pretty download! Have it as my background on my laptop. :-)

  • put it on my computer but none of the sizes fit my screen. I have to go with the smallest size large so the whole thing fits on the screen but there is about 1.5″ on the sides and 3/4″ on the top and bottom of empty space. any suggestions on how to resize it so it fits?

    • hey jessica! hmm, never heard of that happening! i think it might be in your settings- i have a ‘stretch to fill screen’, ‘fill screen’ and ‘fit to screen’ option. have you looked into your settings? i think it would probably work best to start with a larger version and try the different settings. let me know!

  • This one is so perfect for me!! Love it, thanks :)

  • love it! thanks:)

  • This is beautiful – I was looking forward to a new desk top calendar for November! Thanks for sharing these each month!

  • Just wanted to say I love these! I download it every month and the design is subtle beauty!

  • thank you Bonnie!
    I just had a dork moment…. I looked at your desk and said: how does she manage to have FRESIAS all year round??? and then said: Hold on a minute, something is weird here!! and went back to other desktop posts and dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. DORK.

    • romy- you caught me! ;)

  • I love these so much! Thank you!

  • Just beautiful!!!! Changed my desktop background and rearranged my icons and it’s all feeling really fresh! Will definitely be sharing this on my blog. Thanks again x

  • Each month I look forward to changing my background, but each month it takes me so long to get the calendar to upload. when i right click on original, the option to save as the desktop is not there. I would play with it longer, but have no more time. Thanks for the beautiful images. They encourage me to keep my computer desktop organized.

  • I just have to say thank you for these! I look forward to them each and every month!

  • I download these every month and l LOVE them. THANK YOU for making my desktop so pretty. xx

  • I love this calendar! I just set it as my desktop background and it is absolutely darling. :) Thank you!!

  • These are beautiful!

  • It says the pictures aren’t available anymore?

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