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designers can be hard to buy for. i mean, what is it that we do all day again? this guide consists of some of my absolute favorite tools to work with as a designer, as well as a few things that i've asked santa for myself this christmas. items 1-6 are things that i could literally not live with out, i use them all the time and highly recommend them as gifts for any designer in your life! items 7-10 are some things that i think are fun and would love to own myself (hint hint, hubby!). 

have something to add? please share your gift suggestions in the comments section!

1) large plain moleskin journals (for sketching) - $12.95 | 2) adobe illustrator cs6 - $599 | 3) pantone solid chips - $319 | 4) uni pin pen (for sketching) - $1.65 | 5) wacom intuos tablet (medium) - $349 | 6) mastering the art of fabric printing and design - $19.80 | 7) rgb temporary tattoo - $5 for 2 | 8) website stencil kit - $26.95 | 9) staple free stapler - $8.95 | 10) pantone iphone case - $39.95


  • Very true bc I love and want it all. .

  • Great list, Bonnie! It’s perfect!

  • That web stencil is so cool! Great round-up.

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