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leafy tea packaging design (4)

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i adore this sweet packaging concept that belinda shih designed. it's only for a hypothetical tea company, but i hope it becomes a reality, because i can taste it already! belinda says that the design is focused on the concept of afternoon tea - a time to unwind, re-energize, and relax after a long day of work. the package is therefore minimalist, calm in color and simple in shape, with a hint of the soothing elegance of steam swirls and tea drops. i think it's brilliantly beautiful.


  • LOVE this, she does great work.

  • Truly gorgeous! This woman is going to go so far (if she hasn’t already – I wouldn’t be surprised).

  • So cute!!!!

  • love love love this so much

  • Love your blog! I just put up a few of your picture on my blog as design inspiration for my home office through Houzz and just had to come and take a closer look! Love your stuff! And those teabags are just beautiful too!

    • aw, thanks simone! cute blog! :)

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