a handmade tour de france

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i may be alone here, but being married to a professional cyclist means one thing- july = the tour de france. it's about the only sport we watch for the entire year, so i enjoy it and try to make it my own. i love seeing the beautiful scenery and photographs each year, and especially love that the handmade community is picking up on it!

handmade tour de france

handmade tour de france

do you have any bike lovers in your life?

bicycle greeting card | tour de france bicycle print
bicycle necklace | tour de france bike
ride on | bicycle photo
yellow diaper bag

image credit: 2010 tour de france


  • My hubbie, who is a bike mechanic, ‘jokes’ that I am a single woman during the Grand Tours! We live in Australia, so he goes to bed at 7pm, gets up at 11pm and watches the live streaming until 2 or 3!! Lucky I love watching too! Nights of crepes, bubbly and disappointing attempts at souffles are just around the corner!

    • cat, i just read this to my husband and he said, “how come you don’t make me crepes?!” haha!

  • i am shacked-up to an amateur cyclist so i understand your excitement. cant wait for the tour!

  • Chris has become a bike lover. He has been going to the park recently and riding over 12 miles a day (which is probably like a warm up to David, haha). He recently purchased a 1980’s orange schwinn le tour III road bike…it’s goovy. :)

  • groovy, that is. :)

  • i have the privilege of dating a semi-professional cyclist, whose dreams are to become pro soon! we began dating because he built a bicycle for me to ride with him. i had never watched the sport before, but it’s one of my favorites now!

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