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the kid in me is screaming for me to make one of these. just a quiet little getaway place to play house or read a book. covered in beautiful fabrics or lace, i think they could be quite the decor addition as well!

who says you have to be a kid to enjoy one of these anyhow? i think they would be perfect for date nights, too. (wink)


  • Love these… that poppy fabric in #3 is amazing!!

  • OH MY GRACIOUS!!! today: laying on the floor of the “fort” my I made for my son I thought to myself… … time to make one of those a frame tents! I don’t believe it ( :

  • Gorgeous! I love the one with the grey triangles and coral tassels. I wish I had one of those when I was a child. :)

  • I made a bunch of these with my husband last year for our nieces and nephews. It was fun to pick the different fabrics and buy books for them to read while inside.

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