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i'm pretty sure my dad is literally the hardest guy on earth to buy for. he pretty much just buys whatever he wants (which is not much) anyways, which leaves us stumped every year. anyways, i hope your dad is easier to buy for, and maybe this little gift guide will help! (love you, daddy!)

handmade father's day gifts

pssst. don't miss tomorrow's post, on handmade cards for father's day!

1: vintage polaroid camera - $58
2: personalized money clip - $27
3: custom quote - $16.50
4: dinosaur planter - $20
5: men's loop scarf - $99
6: men's messenger bag - $144
7: iphone stand - $17
8: retro tv ipad dock - $60
9: organic soap - $21.95 CAD
10: rustic mug - $32


  • hahaha, the smelly guy…i love that this is a category :) :) :)!

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!!

  • That soap looks so yummy, I kind of want to try it for myself!

  • I really love the money clip. If I wasn’t getting my husband a mac for Father’s day I would def. get him this! But I’m saving this post for next year ideas! Thanks!

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