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gifts for bloggers!

along with designers (see this gift guide), bloggers are another difficult group to buy for. it's hard to explain what we do, and it's even harder for people new to the blogosphere to understand! here to help is the blogger gift guide. maybe you could send it along to your loved ones, or accidentally leave it open in your browser for your sweetheart to find! items 1-5 are things that i own and couldn't live without, and items 6-10 are on my own wishlist this year. :)

have something to add? please share your gift suggestions in the comments section!

1) nikon d5100 - $449.95 | 2) 2012 cavallini daily planner - $32.95 | 3) adobe photoshop cs6 - $699 | 4) verizon mobile hotspot - $59.99 | 5) 1 year membership to the roost tribe (just email me!) - $60 | 6) mugtail fox - € 14,95 | 7) the instax mini - $124 | 8) moonshine camera strap - $120 | 9) custom instagram book (gift certificate) - $24.99 | 10) blog, inc - $11.53


  • Just bought #10 for myself. Looks good so far, but I’ve just flipped through it. Hoping for a relaxing beach vacation over Christmas to really dig in. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Grab the book! Definitely a worthy purchase & full of good information inside.

  • I know its almost the end of the month and i am in the Roost tribe but not received one item or mail all month?

    • hi noor! i emailed you, we will get it figured out no problem!

  • I LOVE that planner! I’ve been in the market for one and this one is $15 cheaper than the few I’ve loved so far. Thanks! :)

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