patterned paint rollers

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patterned paint rollers (3)

patterned paint rollers (2)

patterned paint rollers (1)

these patterned paint rollers have successfully made my mind run wild. think of all the possibilities! i just want to walk around with one rolling things as i go. walls, fabric, floors, curtains..  oh my! visit their site and etsy shop to see more selections.

i hope you each have a wonderful weekend! i have so enjoyed meeting here with you all this week. in case you're just catching up, here's a recap of what's been happening here:

- stay organized with my printable christmas gift list

- read the story of our christmas tree

- gift the roost tribe to give a whole year of creativity

- be sure to check out these amazing recipes

- download december's desktop calendar

- shop ghtr's gift guides for creatives

see you next week! xx


  • Ah, I love it! Could make some pretty ravishing wrapping paper with a handmade feel, too.

    • oh, i’m right there with you, natalie!

  • Incredible! It’s like wallpaper without the commitment.

  • I love these so much and there are so many things you could use them for. Oh, the possibilities!!

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