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happy monday, lovelies! since we've moved to california, i've been eager to share our sweet little vine covered cottage with you. it's actually an old converted barn, equipped with a hay loft and all (that's where our guests sleep)!


you might remember the wishlist i made when we started looking for a new place or even the before pictures i took a while back. i'm not only happy to report that it meets all of my wishlist items, but has turned in to the most relaxing and beautiful place we've ever lived.


the story of how we found it is really a miracle. the housing market here in california is a bit grim (ok, a lot grim), and let's just say way out of our price range! after a few demoralizing days of house hunting, i went home to husband david and cried on his shoulder.

natural light

we had a big prayer session and within about 5 minutes this place popped up on my craigslist iphone app. with unassuming photos and a vague description, we tried to not get our hopes up, but hurried over to look at it.


let's just say, it was perfect. i cried (again) as soon as i saw it. it sits directly on a neighboring vineyard with views of the rolling santa ynez mountains. it's small (about 1000 square feet) but just right for the two of us, and toaster. needless to say, we snatched it up immediately, and have been so blessed by living here!

blogging station! :)

this is where i write to you every day, and i love the bright natural light that fills the space.

{resources: print | chair | mouse pad diy}

desk and designing nook

reading space

here is my small reading nook, cozied up right next to the place where i blog. never keeping inspiration too far away!


my little sewing nook


{resources: magnet strip diy | free to fly print | drawer shelves diy}

my creative spaces

above is my sewing corner, a space in our bedroom that i took for myself!

{resources: chair before and after}


what is the ladder for you ask? for our guests to get in to the hayloft, of course!

{resources: giza tote | look within print}
my new painting nook!

this is the latest addition to our decor, a little painting area. it sits just across the room from my work station.

{resources: driftwood wind chime tutorial}


cookin' nook

at first sight, i thought this cooking nook was a bit quirky, but has ended up being a really great way to work while in the kitchen. everything is just where i need it!


this is where we nest (yup, those are shipping crates!).

{resources: deer pillow | diy deer hanging}


remember this diy patchwork art? this is where it hangs now!

{resources: diy patchwork art | dresser before and after}

outside dining

and maybe one of my favorite features is this wisteria covered arbor. we spend a lot of time here, either reading in the hammocks or entertaining in the evenings.

{resources: diy hammock}
outside dining




a welcome shot, toaster says hello ruff!

{resources: sly fox knocker}

our vine covered converted barn :)

i hope you enjoyed this little tour of our humble abode!


  • Bonnie, it’s gorgeous -and you’ve really made it a home. What a blessing indeed!

    I really love that wisteria-covered patio! I can’t wait for the day when I can hang my hammock again; hammocks are wonderful, aren’t they?? =)

  • Very sweet and cozy Bonnie! I love the dainty plant hanging above your art-desk! And breathtaking views!!!! What a find.

  • I love your home, it’s absolutely beautiful. So white and bright with pops of color – love that. The patterned pillows and the bedroom headboard are a nice touch as well. I’ve been on the hunt for some pretty pillows to liven up my space a bit.

  • What a great home. It’s just beautiful!

    Best regards
    Manuela from Switzerland

  • wow…Such a beautiful place! You have pulled it together so well.
    Sarah M
    PS-LOVE the outside!

  • how beautiful…love the paintings…especially you are here to fly (with the butterfly)..did you paint that and do you have any for sale?

  • It’s so pretty! I’m in love with everything, wow! Congrats :)

    • you all are just the sweetest. i’m so happy to invite you in to our home, thank you all for your sweet comments!

  • love it!

  • bonnie, so pretty!!!
    the wisteria arbor, oh my – your front door with the little fox – your painting table – that sweet metal table by your couch – and your wonderful windows are a few of my favorites!

  • All that natural light is incredible! I think a converted barn is my dream home… lucky you!

  • I love converted homes, they always have so much charm and appeal. Will you come decorate my house next – this is so cute!!

  • So beautiful! I’m happy you have such a special place to live.

  • wow. my jaw dropped. this is one of the most gorgeous homes i’ve seen in a long time. i love how it turned out at the end. and what a stunning view and how light it is… you did a beautiful job.

  • Bonnie,
    Your home is beautiful! You are so creative! Know you have been home visiting the folks-your Mom must be walking on cloud 9!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Your home is breathtaking! I love all the windows and light and how you have decorated! And the outside is just as beautiful!

  • So glad you gave us this tour! Simply amazing! I’m loving those drawer shelves!

  • What a beautiful and relaxing home! l love all the decorative/personal touches and the natural light coming in through the windows.

  • Hi Bonnie, I just found your blog through the ABSPD course Flickr group – it’s lovely. Your home is SO awesome – I am green with envy all over – it’s beautiful. Good luck with the pattern designing :) Claire

    • oh thanks, claire!! so nice to meet you! see you in class! :)

  • Omg! I love your place Bonnie and I’m so happy you found it! I love all the bright whites and all the natural light that comes through! What a great miracle! We will be moving out of CA and into a condo in Idaho in two weeks but we eventually would like to buy a house. I must say your humble abode will be an inspiration to ours! Thank you for sharing photos of your house with us!

  • WOW! You have such a gift for decorating! Your home looks so serene. I want to study your photos more for inspiration when I have time. God is good!

  • One word: AMAZING.

  • WOW! What a beautiful and colourful home – I just love it. It is completely you and so bright and fresh – just beautiful. I’m completely bookmarking this just for the gorgeous windows alone :)
    Loved the shot of Toaster at the end – too cute :)

  • Wow Bonnie, you really lucked out and scored BIG (on light and view especially). That place is incredible! We are at the tail-end of a long and grueling house hunt ourselves, but the housing market in Austin is anything BUT grim. It is blowing and going at FULL speed ahead. Homes sell in 1-2 days because the inventory is so low and like you, we just wanted a smaller place to call home. We were in a pool of sharks though, as developers and builders were shelling out cash.

    Alas, we finally found something and we close on our new home in less than 3 days. Wooo hooo! I cannot wait to get in and make it our own :) I can only hope that it turns out to be as warm and lovely as your beautiful nest. Thank you for sharing and it is nice to hear your happy ending.

    BTW, while living in one of the many vacation rentals we have encountered on our wait, I totally agree with the kitchen comment. It is amazing what you can do when things are right at your fingertips.

  • Bonnie~ you have created the home of my dreams!! It wasn’t clear if you owned this little gem or were renting it. Either way…you won the lottery. Beautiful! And, of course, made even more lovely with your touch. Regards from Alaska….where there is still gobs of snow on the ground…in mid-April.

  • Oh my goodness, I can`t imagine a more perfect home. All that light is just gorgeous!

  • Seriously. I am in love with your house and style.

    I love ever square inch! It’s happy and colorful, eclectic and beautiful. Seriously. I just adore it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • SO lovely and fresh ! Love it !

  • Oh! This is exquisite! I don’t have the words to say how lovely your home is – so bright and cheerful and peaceful. Thank you for giving us this tour!

  • The home is looking wonderful and so inviting! Good job Bonnie!

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this post! Your house is beautiful and beautifully decorated. Love the light and colors!

  • Your home is beautiful and it belongs in many many magazines!! Completely gorgeous

  • Your home is beautiful! I absolutely love it! What cleaning products do you use? Your house is pristine- thanks for sharing.

  • I am completely in love….can I come and live with you?! This is soo soo soo beautiful! <3

  • what a BEAUTIFUL home! it looks so inviting, airy & inspiring! simply gorgeous. i slightly envy all your natural light!

  • I want your house! It i so beautiful inside and out!

    Benbrie House

  • Oh Bonnie! Wow! I’ve always been a fan of your style and am even a bigger fan now :) I love natural light and a variety of color. I can’t wait to have my own home so I can decorate it and make it a wonderful nesting space. Ah… lovely :) Thank you so much for sharing your home with us!! Not only is it beautiful but it is a sign that God always provides!

  • Oh, wow! Bonnie, you have done an amazing job with your house. I would never want to leave!

  • Oh my goodness! Your home is freakin adorable. I love everything about it. Those windows are fabulous! wow!

  • Hi Bonnie. I found your blog via Dearest Nature and was (and am!) really inspired.
    Out of all my questions, I’ll choose just one (or two…):
    What is the name of the plant shown hanging in pictures 2 and 12 (going from top to bottom)? It has a very unique personality and I think it looks like a great home addition.
    And also in scene 12, you have some kind of vintage looking white wooden set of boards that you use to pin things on… What is it, and was it easy to make?
    Your home looks absolutely gorgeous! Great location, too.

  • oh my goodness – gorgeous home! i’m working away in a poorly lit basement right now (sick people in this house), and so your home and office space look especially appealing today! :)

  • Hi Bonnie,
    I’ve just come to you via Grace from Sense and Simplicity. I love your style and am about to spend the next week reading your entire blog!
    Living in Melbourne, Australia I am looking out the window to (very welcome) grey skies and rain as we are rapidly heading towards winter so your beautiful light, bright photos are just the antidote I need!
    Have added your blog to my reading list :0)


    • so nice to meet you, maureen! love and light to you through these rainy days! :)

  • I love how bright and fresh your home is. In fact I love it so much that I featured your pretty little paint table in my WISH Wednesday feature. You can see it here:

  • The light is amazing in there! You scored finding such a beautiful house but have really made it such a wonderful home. I love all the color and little details, everything looks comfy cozy and full of personality- it’s beautiful, Bonnie!

    • thanks, jena!! :) keep me in mind if you ever travel south and need a place to stay! ;)

  • Bonnie can you tell me what kind of plant is hanging to the right of your coffee machine and left of the window? It looks lovely and I would like to hanging more of a hanging plant to my collection. Thanks.

    • tonya, sure thing! it’s called a pearl succulent and there are lot’s on etsy! it’s my favorite because not only is it beautiful, but it’s hard to kill, too! :)

  • You have an amazing home! Inside & Out.

  • I have to say… this is a beautiful place to live and you have a gorgeous house.

  • Wow. Lovely place! I was wondering about the shelves in the 5th picture. They are white and looks like tree trunk. Where are these from? I love!

    • hi stacy! thank you! :) they are faux wooden shelves that i got from crate and barrel several years ago, i’ve looked for them since and can’t find them! :(


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