the mountains are calling

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we've been visiting our home town in the snuggly mountains of north carolina this week and it's been giving me the warm and fuzzies. the hills are so inspiring and the dusty blues of the smoky mountains take me breath away every time.

mountains mountains

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unlike any other mountains i've ever seen, the smoky mountains roll on and on- lightening from dark blue to light blue. in my opinion, it's nature's perfect ombre! since my mind has been on the mountains lately, i have been naturally drawn to things that remind me of the area. i hope you enjoy!


  • My husband and I are heading off to go camping in the White Mountains in NH this weekend. It’s one of our favorite places on Earth and hope to move there some day. I am such a mountain girl!!! Enjoy your visit home, Bonnie :) Soak it all in!

  • Love love love! My life is probably shifting towards a move to the mountains…and this inspiration is helping the someday transition.

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